Tayshia Adams Defends "Phenomenal" Bachelorette Contestants After Taking Over for Clare Crawley

In an exclusive sneak preview of the Bachelor Happy Hour podcast, Bachelorette Tayshia Adams defended the contestants after fans criticized their behavior with Clare Crawley.

By Cydney Contreras Nov 11, 2020 3:55 AMTags
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Don't judge a book by its cover—better yet, don't judge it by its reality TV edit!

In an exclusive sneak preview of the Bachelor Happy Hour podcast, Tayshia Adams insists that Bachelorette viewers haven't gotten a complete picture of what the 16 remaining contestants from Clare Crawley's go-round are really like. She tells hosts Rachel Lindsay and Becca Kufrin, "To be honest with you, watching Clare's season I feel like you didn't really see any of the guys. You didn't see their personality. Half of them didn't even speak."

She went on to explain that during Clare's time on the show, she felt that fans only got to know "like three or four people," two of which she jokes were Clare and her now-fiancé, Dale Moss.

But the divorcée promises that now that she's in charge of things, it's going to be different. She promises, "You didn't see any of the guys, which is why I'm so excited for everyone to watch this season, because the guys open up and they are phenomenal."

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Tayshia adds that she knows people have their preconceived notions of who the contestants are, but says, "They're actually amazing."


"Everyone is kind of like—well, not everyone—but I've talked to a few people and they're like the guys are OK," she shares. "And I'm just like, 'First of all, rude. Second of all, you haven't seen them yet.' Just wait because you will see different sides of them."

The hostesses agree with Tayshia's comments about the guys' lack of screen time, with Becca describing it as "the Clare and Dale show." 

"I feel like when you walked in, you were like, "Hi, I'm Tayshia,' and every guy was like, 'Hi, I'm so and so, so and so," Becca says. "I'm like who is this guy? Like is he new here? I had no idea."


But there were some new men introduced on Tuesday night's episode. Only four guys arrived in the traditional limo, with the rest waiting for Tayshia in a room, something that she previously told E! she was grateful for. She explained, "When you're coming out of that limo your heart's beating out of your chest and you kind of black out, so for me maybe it was a little more relaxed... It was perfect the way that it happened. It allowed the guys to kind of just take me in and have a conversation and just, I don't know, just be more relaxed and get to know me." 

Tayshia's seemingly laidback approach to the show comes after Clare's shocking and tense exit, which, for the record, wasn't orchestrated by Chris and the producers. 

The host promised on The Ben and Ashley I. Almost Famous podcast that there was no shady business going on behind the scenes. He simply said, "Clearly her head was not there anymore. And clearly she was not even remotely giving anyone else a chance, which is not bad."

To hear more from the new Bachelorette, listen to part one on Bachelor Happy Hour, dropping Wednesday, Nov. 11 and part two on Click Bait with Bachelor Nation, dropping Thursday, Nov. 12.

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