Jeff Goldblum, Law & Order: Criminal Intent


Jeff Goldblum took the case on Law & Order: Criminal Intent last night, but did he fill Det. Mike Logan's (Chris Noth) big shoes? We think he did a damn good job, but we want to know what you think.

The veteran actor brings his witty banter and eccentric personality to Det. Zach Nichols, which is quite apropos, since witty banter and eccentric personalities are what make Criminal Intent tick (along with the great cases and strong storylines, of course).

We caught up with Jeff, costar Vincent D'Onofrio and executive producer Peter Jankowski to find out more about Jeff's character, what's to come on CI and Det. Megan Wheeler's [Julianne Nicholson] pregnancy. Read on and then vote on whether or not Jeff's character is a hit or a miss.

Pregnant Partners: "We're filming that episode right now, where [Wheeler gives birth]," says Jeff. "Last year, she had that fiancé who had betrayed her and was a criminal himself. He got hauled away in front of her horrified eyes to jail and she's left pregnant from that guy, so she's having all kinds of difficult, challenging issues. It's dealt with here and there between us solving the cases. I'm a sensitive, aware-type character, and both my parents were strict, so I have a very physiologically attuned personality."

Switching Partners: "Julianne's water breaks right in the squad room, and Katie [Kathryn Erbe, who plays Det. Alexandra Eames] is there and helps get [her to the hospital]," says Jeff. "Katie's on the phone in the next scene, and I ask how Wheeler's doing, and between screams to her sister who is there, she tells Katie about the case and how I fought to keep the case. She's gotten filled in, and we just continue with Katie on the case."

Leading Males: Unfortunately, scenes between Jeff and the equally eccentric Vincent are few and far between. Executive producer Peter Jankowski says, "Next year, I'm sure. But not this year." Vincent's Det. Goren does have a great story lined up this season, though. Says Vincent, "One of the things that we wanted to do with this eighth season from my side of the show is to go back to the early years where Goren was completely fixated on his job. Obviously we all know that he's been a bit strange, so he's that guy again."

What do you think of Jeff Goldblum as the newest detective to hit the scene? Take our Save It or Sink It poll and then hit the comments with your thoughts on Det. Zach Nichols.

Save It or Sink It, April 27
Jeff Goldblum on Law & Order: Criminal Intent
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