The Bachelorette’s Tayshia Adams Says the Unprecedented Way She Met Her Suitors Was “Perfect”

Now that she's replaced Clare Crawley on The Bachelorette, Tayshia Adams' quest for love begins. In an exclusive interview with E! News, the phlebotomist opened up about night-one.

By Lauren Piester, Jonathan Borge Nov 10, 2020 7:55 PMTags
Watch: Tayshia Adams Was "Nervous" to Step In as New "Bachelorette"

Everything about Tayshia Adams' introduction on The Bachelorette is different.

Not only did she swoop in to replace Clare Crawley, something that's never occurred before, but she also met her lineup of eligible men without the traditional limo arrivals that are a hallmark of the show. As the Thursday, Nov. 5 episode teased, Tayshia simply walks into a room where all of Clare's rejected guys awaited their new Bachelorette. No funny costumes. No cheesy one-liners. No standing outside for hours.

Yes, season 16 may be completely different from others, but Tayshia actually preferred trying a new approach. During an exclusive interview with E! News, she revealed whether it was odd to enter night-one in such a unique way.

"Yes, kind of, for me at least! When you're coming out of that limo your heart's beating out of your chest and you kind of black out, so for me maybe it was a little more relaxed," she said. "It was perfect the way that it happened. It allowed the guys to kind of just take me in and have a conversation and just, I don't know, just be more relaxed and get to know me." 

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Tayshia shared that she definitely had butterflies in her stomach before arriving. 

"I was a little nervous just because I didn't know how the guys were going to accept me," she said. "I didn't know if they were gonna welcome me with open arms, if they were gonna be drained, if they were gonna be willing to do it all over again because it is a lot to put yourself out there. And I know those jitters from night one, it's not fun. But we had a good time."


So what can we expect from the next few episodes? "You're gonna start seeing guys that you probably didn't realize were still on the show, or even on the show," she said. "You're gonna find they're super funny, there's depth and they're really fun. And you'll see me go on my first one-on-one. You will see me fall in love. You're just gonna see everything."

As for whether she's happy (and engaged), Tayshia kept it coy. "Of course I'm happy," she said. "I can finally say I'm the Bachelorette. I am happy. I'm really looking forward to watching everything back just because it was a wild summer."

And just to keep us guessing, she also shared that her season was "obviously" dramatic. Can't wait. 

The Bachelorette airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC. 

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