See How Kourtney Kardashian Reacts to Scott Disick's Rehab Plan on KUWTK

By Alyssa Ray Nov 11, 2020 4:00 PMTags
Watch: Scott Disick Tells Kourtney He's Going to Rehab for "Past Trauma"

Scott Disick is seeking help.

In this clip from Thursday's season 19 finale of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, the father of three reveals to Kourtney Kardashian his decision to seek treatment. As E! readers may recall, earlier this year, the Flip It Like Disick star entered rehab to work on "past traumas."

And, as Scott shares in the new footage above, the coronavirus quarantine brought to light certain struggles he was facing.

"I don't know, this whole COVID staying in, no structure, it just like doesn't work for me," Scott shares with Kourtney. "It's like making me feel like I just can't handle staying home, not working."

As he continues, Scott details how he's tried to keep busy during self-isolation.

"Like, renting a house in Malibu for an escape and that turned into a total s--t show with paparazzi," he further laments. "Ok, this is no sanctuary at all."

In a confessional, Scott feels like he's "wasted all this time" and is unable to have "any privacy."

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"I just can't handle having nothing really to do," he states. "And the truth was, I started feeling more and more anxious, more and more depressed. Like, I was gonna do something bad if I didn't figure something out or take myself out of this position."

Per Scott, the quarantine is the right time to tackle these concerns.

"I go to therapy every week, but I never have any breakthroughs and I never feel happy, you know what I mean?" Scott tells Kourtney. "I just didn't grieve my parents correctly or give it enough time. I just want to be the best person I can be for my family."


At this point in the conversation, Scott shares that he's heard about a facility which "specifically deals with past traumas."

The E! personality adds, "I just want to learn how to deal with everything the right way."

Thus, Scott asks Kourtney if she's alright with watching their kids while he enters rehab "for at least a month."

Without hesitating, Kourtney supports Scott's decision and assures him that she can handle everything with Mason, Penelope and Reign.

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"I am caught a little off guard, you know, because for the first time, Scott isn't being asked to go away," Kourtney notes to the KUWTK camera. "He isn't having an issue with alcohol or drugs and it's like, his idea. So, I think it feels really different."

By going to rehab, Scott can be "the best that he can" for their family. This is why Kourtney is "more than happy" to support Scott.

She concludes, "This time, I think it's really bringing up important work that we all have to do."

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