Dr. Lee Wants to Give a Domestic Violence Survivor Her Confidence Back on Dr. 90210

After being in an abusive relationship, Sherry is constantly self-conscious about the cysts on the back of her head. Dr. Michelle Lee is determined to help on Monday's all-new Dr. 90210.

By Allison Crist Nov 08, 2020 6:00 PMTags
Watch: Domestic Violence Survivor Wants Freedom From 6 Cysts

Long overdue freedom.

As viewers of the E! show have come to learn, Dr. 90210 is more than skin deep—the all-female plastic surgeons aim to leave their patients looking and feeling good. But on Monday's all-new episode, the latter has never been more important for Dr. Michelle Lee to achieve. 

The above sneak peek clip, in which Dr. Lee is introduced to Sherry, who's traveled all the way Texas to seek treatment for the numerous cysts she has on the back of her head, makes it clear why. 

"When I was very young, I was in a bad relationship and he would not hit my face," Sherry tells Dr. Lee. "He would punch my head and I would have knots on my head. I remember them."

While she notes that the cysts she has now "didn't manifest 'til a few years later," she doesn't know what else could've caused them.

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Dr. Lee is definitely taken aback by the revelation.

"My heart really breaks for her when I hear this because every time she brushes her hair, she has to be reminded that this could potentially be from her abuse," she says in a confessional.

Back at the consultation, after Sherry provides Dr. Lee with additional details about the cysts, the plastic surgeon points out, "Even though it's not on your face and can be covered by your hair, I think you know it's there and it affects your confidence."


Sherry admits that's definitely the case. 

"I live at the lake and I don't go swimming very often because, number one, I put it in a ponytail and it starts to hurt me because it's right there at the back of my head," she explains. "And then if I don't, then went underwater, come up, it's
gonna separate right there and people will be able to see it."

"I want to get them out of there so I can maybe get on with my life...I'll be able to sleep at night and I can date again," Sherry adds, noting that she hasn't done the latter in about 10 years because she's embarrassed.

It's at this point Dr. Lee begins to examine Sherry's cysts up-close, discovering that there's a total of six.

"So to take these out, we'll have to make cuts and then really scrape all the sac from underneath your scalp," Dr. Lee explains before going over the risks, which range from infection and bleeding to Sherry's hair not growing in that area.

However, the biggest worry Dr. Lee has "is that those masses are not just regular cysts and they're something worse."

Still, Sherry's on board: "I'm willing to risk whatever to get rid of them so that I can have some peace."

"If I can get these done and taken care of, the first thing I'm gonna do is put my hair up and go out," she excitedly tells Dr. Lee, who's more determined than ever to help Sherry feel "confident" and "powerful" again.

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"...how she feels is more important than how the world sees her," Dr. Lee adds.

Watch the complete Dr. 90210 sneak peek in the above clip, and tune in to Monday's episode to follow along with Sherry's journey to freedom.