How Dr. Kelly Killeen Got Rid of Her "Vagina Neck" on Dr. 90210

Dr. Kelly Killeen becomes the patient in this all-new Dr. 90210 sneak peek!

By Alyssa Ray Nov 06, 2020 2:00 PMTags
Watch: Dr. Killeen Gets Rid of "Vagina Neck" With Micro-Needling

The doctor becomes the patient.

In this clip from Monday, Nov. 9's all-new Dr. 90210, Dr. Kelly Killeen gets radiofrequency microneedling done on her face. Although Dr. Catherine Chang is a "friend and colleague" of Dr. Killeen's, the Dr. 90210 surgeon finds herself nervous ahead of the procedure.

"I'm a little scared," Dr. Killeen admits. "Because, there's mixed reviews on the pain level with this."

According to Dr. Chang, "some people breeze through it, some people don't."

Despite this warning, Dr. Killeen decides to go through with the microneedling in order to fix her "vagina neck."

In a confessional, Dr. Killeen explains, "She's gonna be tightening my face up a little bit. It hurts, but I'm gonna have some laughing gas. So, hopefully, this s--t doesn't hurt too much."

Per Dr. Killeen, Dr. Chang uses a "specialty device" which delivers "heat energy through the little needles into the deeper skin."

The desired result? Tighter skin.

Dr. 90210 Patients Before and After

She quips, "So, when things are starting to come down on my 40-year-old face, I can hopefully turn the hands of time back a little bit."

However, as the procedure continues, Dr. Killeen describes the device as "flaming hot pokers" being stabbed "mildly into your neck."


As Dr. Killeen begins to feel pain, Dr. Chang encourages her patient to take a smidge more laughing gas.

"Laughing gas is quite delightful. It's hard to explain if you've never had laughing gas. You still feel the pain, but you just don't care," Dr. Killeen tells the Dr. 90210 camera. "And everything just gets a little weird and strange and it just makes it a little bit better."

Upon finishing the treatment, Dr. Chang urges Dr. Killen to not work out, but knows the Dr. 90210 surgeon won't listen.

"You're the best patient except you're not going to listen to my advice and not work out tonight," Dr. Chang comments. "So, tomorrow when I see you, you'll be all swollen."

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Watch the procedure play out in the clip above.