Brooks Laich Explains Why He Cries "All the Time" Amid Julianne Hough Divorce

While appearing on his podcast, How Men Think, Brooks Laich opened up about his emotions during his split from Julianne Hough. Find out why he thinks it's “wonderful” to cry.

By Mike Vulpo Nov 04, 2020 6:59 PMTags
Watch: Julianne Hough & Brooks Laich Confirm Their Separation

Brooks Laich knows the power of getting emotional. 

In the past year, the former NHL player has experienced the loss of his two dogs as well as a changing relationship with estranged wife Julianne Hough.

On the Nov. 2 episode of his iHeartRadio podcast, How Men Think, Brooks admitted that he's learned a new skill. Crying without inhibition.

"I cry all the time and it's wonderful," he shared with his producer Hana Neugebauer and guest Dr. Venus Nicolino. "It's something I've recently learned since the passing of our two dogs. I've learned how to honor emotions in the moment and let them come up and through me and out of me and a lot of times that's through crying."

"You know me. I played pro hockey for 15 years, threw dudes into dudes, I'm a dude. But I love being able to release emotion truthfully, organically, in the moment, not suppress it."

Julianne Hough and Brooks Laich's Quotes on Love & Marriage

Earlier this week, E! News confirmed that Julianne had officially filed for divorce from Brooks after nearly three years of marriage.

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Even as the pair showed signs of a possible reconciliation in recent months, a source shared with E! News that it was Julianne who initiated the split and "ultimately decided her heart wasn't in the marriage anymore."

While Brooks' latest podcast episode was taped before the divorce news was made public, the 37-year-old said prayer has also been a powerful tool in his journey. 

"One thing in my life that works exceptionally well is before breakfast, lunch and supper, I will say a little prayer," he explained. "I just say a little prayer of what's on my heart."

Brooks continued, "I'm grateful for my dog. I'm grateful for this beautiful house…and a lot of times I end up crying.  I also say I'm grateful for the blessings and the challenges in my life. I'm grateful that life isn't just easy."