See Rachel Bradshaw Ask Bachelor Nation's Connor Saeli to Meet Her Family After One Date

By Alyssa Ray Nov 05, 2020 1:00 PMTags
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Too soon to meet the family?

In this clip from Thursday, Nov. 5's all-new The Bradshaw Bunch, Rachel Bradshaw invites her new guy Connor Saeli to meet her family. However, this invitation comes after their first official date.

At the start of the clip, a smitten Rachel reveals she's been "talking non-stop" to the Bachelor Nation personality. And, for further proof of their connection, we're shown a series of flirty FaceTime calls between Rachel and Connor.

Due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, Connor plans an outdoor picnic date for Rachel.

The Bradshaw Bunch star declares, "This is so cute!"

While unpacking the picnic basket, Connor reveals all the goodies he's packed, including gluten-free crackers.

"Oh perfect!" Rachel states. "You know how many people make fun of me because I'm gluten-free? Like, 'Oh, you're gluten-free?' I'm like, 'Yeah!'"

In response to this, Connor admits that he used to "make fun of those people too." While Rachel seems surprised by this confession, it doesn't dissuade her feelings for Connor.

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"I really like Connor," Rachel shares in a confessional. "He's just a good guy. And we're just comfortable."

In an adorable turn of events, Rachel and Connor find themselves playfully throwing grapes into one another's mouths. Yet, coronavirus prevents them from celebrating with high-fives.

"I feel like sometimes it's taken me months to just get comfortable with somebody," Rachel tells The Bradshaw Bunch camera. "So, it's nice that someone brings that out on the first physical date."

Here's where Rachel's big invitation comes in…


"I really want you to meet the family," she informs Connor. "I know it's early, but the last relationship was a nightmare. Like, nobody liked him, and I didn't know that until after."

Seemingly agreeing to the meeting, Connor replies, "Hopefully, they like me. Does your dad typically like the guys that you've dated?"

The answer: "No."

Will Connor impress Terry Bradshaw and the rest of the bunch? For that answer, watch the two-episode season finale tonight!