See Shirtless Terry Bradshaw Creep Wife Tammy Out With a Terrible Toupee

By Alyssa Ray Nov 02, 2020 6:00 PMTags
Watch: Terry Bradshaw's New Toupee Really Creeps Tammy Out

To wear a toupee or not wear a toupee? That is the question.

In this clip from Thursday, Nov. 5's all-new The Bradshaw Brunch, Terry Bradshaw reveals he's considering becoming a toupee spokesperson. While Terry seems open to the idea, wife Tammy Bradshaw doesn't appear on board.

"What are you doing?" Tammy declares as Terry walks in shirtless while wearing a toupee.

He confidently responds, "You want some of this?"

Not only does Tammy demand that Terry remove the toupee, she reveals "it's creeping [her] out."

"Take it off," she demands again. "Why are you doing this?"

Terry has a short and sweet reason: "Money."

In a confessional, Terry explains to Tammy that he used to wear a toupee back in the day.

He further declares, "And I was making more money wearing the toupee than I was playing football."

Although Tammy seems horrified by the hair piece, Terry assures her its just a trial toupee and the company "will send a better one."

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"Toupee company is offering me a boatload of money to wear this thing in public and on social media," the NFL legend relays. "I'm telling you, it's a lot of money."

While trying to fix the wild toupee, Tammy notes, "I don't think we need the money."

Terry retorts, "Yes we do."

Getting the last word, The Bradshaw Bunch matriarch quips, "Not this bad."


Will Terry go through with the toupee deal? For that answer, catch Thursday's all-new episode.

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