Hugh Jackman, Mickey Mouse

Courtesy: Paul Hiffmeyer/Disneyland

• Hugh Jackman says he's not gay in Sunday's Parade. But he's definitely a Friend of Mickey.

So Susan Boyle wasn't telling the truth about having never been kissed once in her 48 years.  It was "a joke...I've got a wicked sense of humor," she said. This is even more shocking than when she plucked her eyebrows. We'll never be able to trust reality TV again!

On EllenLindsay said she doesn't believe in cheating because she says her dad cheated on her mom. When will she learn? Never bring him up—it just makes this happen.

How about an Octomom update? When she was a stripper, she went by the name Angelina like that actor lady with all the kids she's never heard of, and she wants a pig.

• Hilary Duff sez "Enough scarf jokes, guys. I like this, OK?"

 Whoa. Did everyone see Miley Cyrus at the London premiere of Hannah Montana: The Movie? Probably the most awesome we’ve ever seen her look.

Oh look there's Miley again looking cute and signing autographs in the Big Pic. There's no such thing as too much Miley. Fact.

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