Chuck Goes Out Guns-a-Blazin'

Chuck show runner Chris Fedak gives you exclusive scoop from Monday's season-two finale, plus, watch four all-new sneak peeks

By Megan Masters Apr 24, 2009 9:53 PMTags

Our favorite semisuper sleuth is signing off on Monday, but not without an explosive season finale, and lucky for you, we have the clips to prove it! 

Chris Fedak, one of the brilliant Chuck masterminds, tells us exclusively about what to expect in the second season ender: 

"I promise that there will be a fantastic wedding in the season finale. All of those folks out there who love a good wedding will have plenty of tears. However, I can also promise that there's always the chance of some type of epic, gun-blazing disaster." Yee, can't wait!

"Our finale is great! We've talked about it as a game-changer," he continues. "It's a real launch pad for season three and a new version of the show."

First up, watch Chuck and Casey say sayonara to the good ol' Buy More in the vid above; then click in for more cliptastic goodness and thoughts on the future of Chuck with Chris. 

So with a season three pickup still in the works (fingers crossed!), did they approach the finale as a series wrap-up as well?

Not at all, says Chris. "My favorite endings are those where you feel like the adventure is going to go on and there are more adventures to be had." Example? "I love the ending of Casablanca with Humphrey Bogart walking off with Claude Rains talking about the beginning of a beautiful friendship."

While Save One Show is still in full effect, and we will all be watching Chuck on Monday to make sure it sticks around (right?), Chris warns us that on the unlikely and horrific off chance the show does not return, fans may revolt!

"If Chuck were not to come back, and people watched this finale, there would be chaos across America. I'm afraid the fans would burn their living rooms down and throw their television sets out windows."

You hear that NBC? Jeff Zucker? Please don't put us through that torture!

Check out two more clips below—Ellie and Awesome are finally getting married, and Chevy Chase is evil and back for more.

Are you as excited for the finale as we are? Sound off below and don't forget to keep voting in our Save One Show campaign. More renewal updates to come!

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