Tamar Braxton Opens Up About Suicide Attempt in First Interview

Tamar Braxton opens up about her recent suicide attempt and mental health struggles in her first interview since she tried to take her life this summer.

By Corinne Heller Oct 28, 2020 8:57 PMTags

Tamar Braxton is ready to talk.

The 43-year-old former star of WE tv's Braxton Family Values revealed on The Tamron Hall Show on Wednesday, Oct. 28, that she had contemplated suicide long before she acted on it.

"Were you at home at the time?" host Tamron Hall asked Braxton. "Did you take pills?"

After looking at the camera for several seconds and taking a deep breath, Braxton said, "It's so hard to say, Tamron, because I feel like there's a responsibility for- you know, I call them family, my fans, who watch. I don't want to give any examples. But what I will say is, that was my lowest point of life."

When asked if she had ever tried to take her own life before, Braxton said, "I'm just going to be a hundred percent. There has been a time where I wanted to."

Hall said, "But this was the first time you acted on it."

Braxton replied, "Yeah."

In mid-July, Braxton's boyfriend David Adefeso found her unconscious in the Los Angeles hotel room where they had been staying. A source told E! News at the time that she had been drinking and had also taken medication. Adefeso called 911 and she was hospitalized. After regaining consciousness and receiving treatment, Braxton was later transferred to a mental health facility.

Stars Who Speak Out on Mental Health

During the interview, Braxton added that she has not attempted suicide since then.

"It's been a lot of dark, hard times," she said. "I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety due to a circumstance."

Braxton also revealed that she is not taking medication, but she is in counseling.

Another source had told E! News that "Tamar has been committed to working on her mental health for some time, but she experienced some setbacks during the last year, finding quarantine [during the COVID-19 pandemic] to be particularly difficult."

Two weeks later, Braxton revealed on Instagram that she had attempted suicide, writing, "It was only God's grace and his mercy on my attempt to end my pain and my life that I am here to utilize my voice." The post has since been edited.

Braxton wrote that she felt "betrayed, taken advantage of, overworked, and underpaid" as a reality star. She appeared on Braxton Family Values from 2011 to 2019 and stars in a new WE tv reality show, Tamar Braxton: Get Ya Life! The show was set to debut on July 30 but the release date was postponed to September after her hospitalization. No further seasons are planned.

"I wrote a letter over 2 months ago asking to be freed from what I believed was excessive and unfair," Braxton said. "I explained in personal detail the demise I was experiencing. My cry for help went totally ignored. However the demands persisted. It was my spirit, and my soul that was tainted the most."

"There are a few things I count on most to be, a good mother, a good daughter, a good partner, a good sister, and a good person," she continued. "Who I was, begun [sic] to mean little to nothing, because it would only be how I was portrayed on television that would matter. It was witnessing the slow death of the woman I became, that discouraged my will to fight. I felt like I was no longer living, I was existing for the purpose of a corporations gain and ratings, and that killed me."

WE tv

WE tv said in a statement in response, ""Tamar Braxton has been an important part of our network family for more than a decade. As she focuses on her health and recovery at what is clearly a difficult and personal time, we will work with her representatives to honor her request to end all future work for the network. We wish her nothing but the best."

Braxton later thanked her boyfriend publicly for saving her life, writing, "Thank you for being my Rock and now, my Angel on earth. I love you.."

If you or someone you know needs help, call 988 to reach the Suicide and Crisis Lifeline. You can also call the network, previously known as the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, at 800-273-8255, text HOME to 741741 or visit SpeakingOfSuicide.com/resources for additional resources.