Watch Chris Hemsworth’s Son Crash His Underwater Guided Meditation

Chris Hemsworth’s 6-year-old son hilariously interrupted his new underwater affirmation video, "Affirmations That Positively, Absolutely, Probably (Most Likely) Won't Make Your 2020 Worse."

By Lindsay Weinberg Oct 28, 2020 12:53 AMTags

Chris Hemsworth is getting trolled by his 6-year-old son! 

The Avengers star just released his newest performance, and it's exactly what we needed to heal us after this year. The actor put his calming, deep voice to good use by filming an underwater affirmation video for his fitness app Centr on Monday, Oct. 26. 

And best of all, the relaxing clip features a surprise cameo from one of his twin sons, Sasha and Tristan

Chris, as buff as ever, sits cross-legged at the bottom of a pool while wearing goggles during the video, which he calls, "Affirmations That Positively, Absolutely, Probably (Most Likely) Won't Make Your 2020 Worse." 

He presses his palms together as he recites, "Is it just me or is getting harder and harder to find a place where you can just get away from it all, where you can just be? Well, let's find that place together. Close your eyes. Don't breathe in because you're underwater. Imagine you're some place far, far away from wherever you've been stuck lately." 

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Suddenly, his son crashes his safe space and lets his long blonde hair flow in the water. Chris waves him out of the shot and says, "There are no distractions here. Nothing to break your calm. No one demanding your attention."

Naturally, the boy taunts his dad and swims up to bother him, but Chris pushes him so that he leaves him alone. "Simply push your worries away until it's just you, your thoughts," Chris deadpans. 

His narration explains that if anyone interrupts to your "tranquility," then "just give them a gentle old shove." He jokingly concludes, "It's just you and me. God, and this kid. Okay, maybe let's try this another time." 

Rich Polk/Getty Images for Disney

Chris certainly has his hands full—along with Sasha and Tristan, he's dad to 8-year-old daughter India.

His wife of 10 years, Elsa Pataky, recently opened up about why being married to the star is "not easy" despite how "perfect" their lives may look.

The couple loves spending quality time together by staying active, especially outdoors. In August, she explained, "[Chris and I] love to do sports, eat healthy and move our bodies." Elsa added, "We've got the kids into surfing. Any hobbies to get them outside, and not on social media and computers. My daughter has been horseriding with me since she was two-and-a-half."

The soulmates always have us swooning.