Nikki and Brie Bella Reveal Sons Buddy and Matteo Already Have a Special Bond

By Alyssa Ray Oct 28, 2020 10:00 AMTags
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The Bella Twins' baby boys are growing up fast.

On Wednesday, Oct. 28's all-new episode of The Bellas Podcast, Brie Bella and Nikki Bella gave updates on their infant sons, Buddy Danielson and Matteo Chigvintsev. And, according to the Total Bellas stars, the little ones are on the verge of a big milestone.

Little Matteo and Buddy are this close to teething.

"These teeth aren't dropping," Nikki informed Brie. "But today, he had a little scream. And, I looked, and it looks like one's kinda starting to break through skin a little bit."

Continuing on this topic, Nikki revealed that Matteo's "been in a lot of pain," which has been "so hard" for the mother of one.

"To see him just be so little and go through this is tough," Artem Chigvintsev's fiancée shared. "And I will say, I was telling Artem, he is on clock work. He loves to feed 12:30, 3 a.m., 5 a.m., wake up at 7:30 a.m."

Matteo Chigvintsev's Cutest Pics

As for Buddy, it appears he's "showing all the signs" for teething, but he isn't there yet.

Nikki even inquired, "Didn't you say you felt a tooth?"

Per Brie, she thought she saw "a couple signs," but doesn't think teething is in Buddy's immediate future.

"Honestly, I don't really think he's teething," Daniel Bryan's wife stated. "I just think 'cause I've been around you that I'm like, 'Well, maybe he is! He's chewing on stuff, he bit my nipple twice."


Apparently, Brie's NaturalPath determined that Buddy wasn't teething. Furthermore, Brie's daughter Birdie Joe Danielson started teething at "four or five months" old.

"Birdie was a slow teether," Brie recalled. "It's like what they all say about that total mom fog, is that you forget all the bad stuff that kept you up all night."

Hearing this, Nikki theorized that Matteo is a slow teether as well.

Nikki replied, "It's been almost three weeks and they're just taking their time."

Regardless, Nikki was happy to report another update about baby Matteo. Apparently, the youngster did a "half roll" to get closer to his cousin Buddy.

Buddy Danielson's Cutest Pics

"He's like a koala bear, how he holds onto me," the new mom gushed. "So, I felt like it made him do a half roll so he could koala Buddy."

On Buddy and Matteo's sweet relationship, Brie noted that her son "calms Matteo."

"Obviously, I do call them spiritual twins, but it's like they're legit siblings," Brie further shared. "It's like they're used to each other."

Sounding off on this sentiment, Nikki dubbed the cousins "half siblings."

As E! readers surely recall, Buddy and Matteo were born a day apart this summer.

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