Paris Hilton, Guess Ad, Audrina Patridge, Peta Ad

Peta, Guess

Yesterday PETA unveiled a painting of Audrina Patridge posing with her rescued dog, Speedy Gonzalez, and today comes Paris Hilton for Guess with one of her expensive purebred pups from her menagerie.

It got us thinking, if Audrina's such a good rescue-dog angel lady, why isn't she swooping in there to save that poor pooch? No dog should have to endure such humiliation.

Even its face looks pretty fed up with this nonsense. But sometimes, you just have to sit and pose between Paris' legs, help her sell some clothes, so maybe she'll finally get that flat-screen TV for the doggie mansion.

On the other hand, Audrina's dog might not have it so peachy. Speedy probably has the occasional run-in with Justin Bobby in real life, which has to be considerably worse than when we catch J.B. and his philosophical musings watching The Hills.

So tell us which dog you'd want to rescue?

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