15 Vampire Diaries Questions We Still Need Answered

In honor of the 10th anniversary of Vampire Diaries' "Masquerade" episode, we are revisiting the burning questions we need answered—like right now.

By Cydney Contreras Oct 28, 2020 1:00 PMTags
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Ten years ago today, the iconic "Masquerade" episode of Vampire Diaries aired.

It was without a doubt one of the defining episodes of the season, perhaps even the series as a whole.

As fans will recall, "Masquerade" showed Tyler (Michael Trevino) triggering the werewolf curse, Katherine (Nina Dobrev) being trapped in the tomb and Elena (again, Nina Dobrev) breaking up with Stefan (Paul Wesley) for the first—but not the last—time. It set the stage for the seasons to come and, more importantly, cemented fan hatred for Katherine. 

But the introduction of Katherine's tomb, werewolves and Stefan and Elena's on-again, off-again relationship only created more questions for viewers. Namely, what the f--k is going on? 

Who would've predicted that there would be six more seasons of truly outlandish, magical antics? Not to forget, the creation of two spin-off shows, The Originals and Legacies.

And while it's easy to love the show itself—after all, who doesn't love a good debate arguing the merits of Team Stefan or Team Damon (Ian Somerhalder)—the unanswered questions continue to haunt us. 

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Hoping to shed a light on the mysteries of this series, and because I had nothing better to do, I decided to re-watch all eight seasons of the show during quarantine. I got some answers in the course of my research, but these 15 questions remain unanswered:

Where the f--k do Damon and Stefan get all their money from? Real estate investments? 

Can vampires get plastic surgery? Or will their body reject any changes, i.e. breast implants, altogether?

How many doppelgängers are there at any one time? 

Can vampires grow back limbs? Or even teeth for that matter?

Does the government know about vampires/werewolves/doppelgängers? If yes, are they held at Area 51?

Does becoming a vampire cure mental illnesses like bipolar disorder?

Can vampires lose weight? We know they can't gain weight, but what if they go veg and do rabbit blood?

Do vampires crave food?

Was Elena's parent's death really just an accident? Because in Mystic Falls, it seems like nothing is ever coincidental.

Why was Elena sired to Damon, but Caroline and others weren't?

Can animals become vampires? Are there just blood-thirsty dogs wandering around the world?

What makes a vampire a ripper?

Why is a werewolf poisonous for a vampire but vampires aren't poisonous to werewolves?

If vampires and werewolves are real, does that mean Bigfoot exists in the Vampire Diaries universe? Same question applies to the chupacabra. 

If Helen Keller became a vampire, would she gain back her sight and hearing?

If any of the cast is reading this, please respond. We're dying to know—no pun intended.