The Official Trailer for Selena: The Series Explores the Legend’s Childhood and Rise to Fame

Netflix’s upcoming Selena series finds Christian Serratos as the legendary Tejano musician. Watch the official trailer here.

By Jonathan Borge Oct 26, 2020 6:20 PMTags
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Christmas has come early for Netflix obsessives.

Just hours after the streaming service announced the New Year's Eve premiere date for season four of The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, it also delivered another present: the official trailer for Selena: The Series.

While teaser videos and a series of flashy Instagram photos offered a glimpse at Christian Serratos as the late Mexican singer, the new full-length clip drops some clues about the new show's storylines. In the video, a young Selena (Madison Taylor Baez) is found singing at her childhood home as her mom and dad discover her vocal talent. Later in the clip, Selena grows up to perform with Selena y los Dinos, the group she was in with her siblings, before hitting the stage solo as the Grammy-winning artist she became.

In a montage that features glam tour bus footage packed with her very '90s wardrobe, Serratos' Selena also belts out one of her greatest hits, "Como La Flora." We also see her kiss the guitarist who'd eventually become her husband, Chris Peréz.

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Taylor Baez recently opened up about getting to play such an important Latinx icon. "My mom and dad were huge fans of Selena's and they told me all about her and I fell in love with her," she told E! News. "I watched the movie, I researched her, she's one of my idols and she inspires me to follow my dreams."

Though we know the series will be split into two parts, it's not exactly clear what aspects of her story we'll get to first. Speaking with Entertainment Weekly, the show's creator and executive producer Moisés Zamora opened up about what viewers can look forward to.

"Fans can expect to see us go into the depths of this family's journey, including their early days going from gig-to-gig," he said. "Selena was on the road since she was like 11 or 12 and it was truly a family affair. You'll see her coming of age as she transforms into the incredibly confident superstar everyone knows and loves. We will dive into the family dynamics and will show some interesting things people don't know about the Quintanillas."

Selena was famously portrayed by Jennifer Lopez in the 1997 film that catapulted her to stardom. And while Serratos is no newcomer as a Walking Dead alum, this new role just might make her a household name. 

Selena: The Series hits Netflix on Dec. 4.