LeAnn Rimes Looks Back on "Freeing" Coyote Ugly Role 20 Years Later

By Allison Crist Oct 26, 2020 6:21 PMTags

LeAnn Rimes is celebrating the 20-year anniversary of Coyote Ugly in the best way possible.

The singer-songwriter just released a MegaMix of her four songs from the iconic film—including the ageless bop "Can't Fight the Moonlight"—and this time around, they're remixed in a way that will almost certainly make you wish you could hop up on a bar and give a performance alongside Piper Perabo's Violet.

In addition to dropping the dance mix, LeAnn is also set to release the remixed version of each individual track in the coming weeks! She gave E!'s Carissa Culiner all of the details on Monday, Oct. 26's Daily Pop, describing the project as "very nostalgic." 

"It is a blast from the past," she said. "And to hear all of them together...it's its own movie in a way, you know?"

As fans of the cult classic surely recall, LeAnn didn't just contribute songs to the film; she made an appearance dancing and singing atop the famed bar. 

Coyote Ugly Cast Then and Now

"It's kind of crazy to step back and think, like, I was 17 dancing on a bar," LeAnn said, noting that even if she looked like she knew what she was doing, it was "totally put on."

"Seventeen, you're still awkward," she added. "Well, most of us are. I was. I mean, I remember them giving me chicken cutlets, like, to put in your bra, because they wanted your boobs like up to here...that was my first, you know, real intro to like, 'Hi, you're going to be sexualized from here on out.'"

Up until then, LeAnn explained that she had been known as "the little girl with the big voice."  

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More specifically, she was the "little country girl that no one let show their midriff when Shania Twain was doing it" and like LeAnn had "always wanted to."

"Everybody was like, you have to be so sweet and innocent," she recalled. "And there goes my sweet and innocent with the Coyote Ugly bar. It was appropriate."

That, and "definitely freeing," LeAnn told Carissa: "I think there was a piece of me that, like, so needed to come out and be a young woman, you know? And so that was kind of the 'ta-da.'" 

LeAnn continues to find herself dancing on top of bars today, especially if she's "had a drink or two" when "Can't Stop the Moonlight" comes on.

"I did it once for fun in Aspen. They have a western store there and they have a bar upstairs, and they literally took down the barrier, started the song, and they were like, 'Feel free,'" LeAnn recounted. "So my friends and I went up and re-enacted the whole thing, which was really fun." 

Of course, there haven't been as many opportunities like that one in recent months due to the coronavirus pandemic. And though quarantine has been "a really creative time" for LeAnn—especially since, as she noted, "I haven't been at home like this since I was 13,"—it's also allowed her to reconnect with her husband, Eddie Cibrian.

"We've been really good. I think it's kind of gone one way or the other with couples; you either, like, really get on each other's nerves or you're solid," she explained. "And we have an RV, and I think that that literally being able to get in that and travel to, like, the desert or wherever we go just a few hours from here has been a life-saver."

LeAnn continued, noting that she's cherishing the extra downtime while she has it: "I know I'm not going to get it back again. Eventually, we're all going to, hopefully, move back into some kind of normal schedule, whatever that looks like. We know we'll never have these moments again, so I'm trying to appreciate them."

Watch the complete E! interview with LeAnn Rimes in the above clip, and keep up with all things entertainment by listening to Daily Pop's podcast!