Mandy Moore Told This Is Us Creator Dan Fogelman About Her Pregnancy Before “Most” of Her Family

Mama-to-be Mandy Moore revealed on Friday that she told This Is Us creator Dan Fogelman she was pregnant before she told most of her own family: "Oddly, I was nervous."

By Lindsay Weinberg Oct 24, 2020 2:17 AMTags
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Mandy Moore takes her job very seriously. So seriously, in fact, that she told the creator of This is Us about her pregnancy before she spilled the beans to "most" of her own family. 

The Tangled actress spoke to reporters during a virtual press conference on Friday, Oct. 23, along with her cast mates and the creative team behind the NBC drama. 

Mandy was asked if she considered the show in her "family planning," and if she talked to creator Dan Fogelman about her baby bump ahead of time. 

However, Mandy was clear that the intimate decision to start a family was just between her and husband Taylor Goldsmith.

"Maybe I should should have consulted you, Dan, in my family," the 36-year-old said. "But no, that wasn't necessarily a factor." 

That isn't to say that Dan wasn't kept in the loop. Mandy continued, "I did tell Dan before I told like most of my family. Just because I wanted him to know, you know, in preparation for writing the season what to sort of expect and, oddly, I was nervous." 

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Her nerves were unfounded, though, because Dan was nothing but happy for the mom-to-be. "It was, like, just the loveliest exchanging conversation," said the singer, who released her her first album in more than a decade, Silver Landings, in March.

Dan weighed in, too, telling reporters, "From my perspective, I was just very happy for Mandy."

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He said the production team hasn't "adjusted" their plans for This is Us because of her baby news. "We're just gonna work right 'til go time," he said. "Amongst the many challenges of this season in production, that's not a big one. We are so far ahead in the script that we can compensate for things as need be." 

He explained that it shouldn't be an issue because there are so many timelines on the show.

"There may be a brief period or window where you don't see a lot of old Rebecca on the show, because she would have some really complicated explaining to do," Dan said. "But other than that, we're just kind of sticking with the plan." 

Mandy told the rest of the world about her bun in the oven in September. The baby boy is the first child for her and Taylor, who got married in 2018


She's even admitted that playing Rebecca Pearson on This is Us may have contributed to her baby fever. Mandy told E! News in 2017, "Being part of a project like this definitely makes my ovaries start kicking."

That little project of hers, which is renewed through season six, will tackle the coronavirus in season five, which premieres next week. As Dan wrote of the whole pandemic sitch, "We've decided to attack things head on."

He's already teased a sex scene between Mandy and co-star Milo Ventimiglia, and fans got another sneak peek at what's to come when Kevin (Justin Hartleyrevealed his big surprise in a cute clip.

Catch the season premiere of This is Us on NBC on Oct. 27. 

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