Sweaty Dr. 90210 Patient Gets Dozens of Botox Injections & They "Hurt Like a Bitch!"

Will new patient Wesley be able to survive dozens of Botox injections in her hands and feet? Find out on tonight's new Dr. 90210 after getting a sneak peek below!

By Allison Crist Oct 26, 2020 1:00 PMTags
Watch: Patient Who Sweats Excessively Learns Injections Hurt Like a Bitch!

Wesley is saying sayonara to sweat on tonight's all-new Dr. 90210!

Fed up with her hyperhidrosis, the patient in the above sneak peek clip has turned to Dr. Suzanne Quardt, who's performing a procedure that aims to eliminate the sweat and odor glands in the armpits. 

We get a glimpse of the process, and surprisingly, Wesley doesn't seem to be in any pain. 

"It doesn't even hurt," she says as Dr. Q navigates a large handheld device on her armpit. "Like, this does not feel like anything."

The procedure doesn't last long, but as we learn from Dr. Q in a confessional, Wesley's not leaving the operating table any time soon.

"Now that I finished the MiraDry procedure for Wesley's armpits, I need to mark her hands and soles of her feet with the Botox," Dr. Q explains.

Botox...that's not too bad, right?

Dr. Q continues, "So in order to avoid injecting into veins very near the skin, we're gonna use a vein finder so we can place our marks away from those vessels."

Dr. 90210 Patients Before and After

Yes, Dr. Q said marks. How many, exactly? 

"We have 20 dots per hand, which would be 20 units per hand," she says. "30 units per foot."

Cue Wesley's whimpers. 

"Oh, god!" she yells while wincing.  


Dr. Q tries to reassure Wesley that it'll be over soon since she's getting her hands and feet injected at the same time: "We're tackling you at once so it's less trauma."

However, that doesn't help the pain—nor does the reminder that "the Botox you have to keep doing every three to six months."

At one point, Wesley even begins to tear up.

"I mean, like, are you f--king kidding me?" she says in a confessional. "I never knew Botox hurts like a bitch. And I just want it to be over."

Eventually, the process is complete, and Wesley wastes no time asking the important questions: "When can I play footsy with somebody?"

The technical answer is probably in three to five days, but Dr. Q adds, "Really, when you feel comfortable...because I don't know who you're playing footsy with. But make sure it's somebody good and worth it!"

"I'm so excited. I feel like a new woman. Like, come get me, boys!" Wesley adds with a wink, only to insist she's kidding—and then subsequently hit on the cameraman!

Watch the complete Dr. 90210 sneak peek in the above clip.