Tori Spelling, Dean McDermott


Tori Spelling's going from the bookstore back to the boob tube—the fourth season of Tor's reality show Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood hits Oxygen on May 26. Can you wait?

Uh, we can.

But first, we simply cannot believe after four seasons of publicly airing their relaysh on TV, Tori and her hubby are still together! Jessica and Nick, Travis and Shanna, Hulk Hogan and Linda, Carmen and Dave, Britney and Kevin...The list goes on and on of marriages ending right after doing reality shows. It's the kiss of death for celeb couples, clearly.

So how come it works for them? Tori tells us herself exactly why she and Dean haven't hit splitsville...not yet, anyway:

"It works for us simply because we're a couple who likes to spend every single second together," Tori tells us exclusively. "I think most couples need time apart, and when they're doing a reality show, they probably spend every single day together, and they think, 'Wait, this isn't right.' We thrive on being together, so that works for us."

Good to know ya get along with someone, hon—we would have no idea the way you and your mom, Candy, bitch-stab behind each other's backs. Ya know what? Switch out your boring hubby Dean in favor of your mother! Now that's a show that needs to run so long it'll make rerun history!

You two can run a boutique store on Robertson together, or if you want to make it a competition-type show, you can race to see who gets their next tell-all published first—with the better book party, to boot. (Hmmm, wonder who won the last with Tori's at Thompson and Candy's at Wallis Annenberg's?)

Good TV is about drama, not getting along all the damn time. Got that, Dean?

—Additional reporting by Becky Bain

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