Matthew McConaughey Reveals Why He Never Dated His Famous Co-Stars

If you secretly wished for a romance between Matthew McConaughey and Kate Hudson, was never going to happen!

By Kaitlin Reilly Oct 22, 2020 5:02 PMTags
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Matthew McConaughey got steamy on screen with stars like Penélope Cruz, Jennifer Garner, Sarah Jessica Parker and Kate Hudson (twice!) but when the cameras stopped rolling, the relationship between these co-stars was totally platonic. Given that it's all too common for people starring in movies together to hook up off screen (it's how Brangelina happened, after all) it's worth wondering why Matthew never dated any of the people he received top billing with. In an interview with Howard Stern on his SiriusXM show, Matthew revealed it simply never appealed to him. 

"I've always tried to keep it professional and the people I worked with, I must say, did it well," he shared. "Maybe we had certain crushes on each other at certain times but we always just kept it professional."

Matthew's lips may be sealed on which of those celebrities he once crushed on, but the True Detective alum is now happily married to model and designer Camila Alves. The couple, who walked down the aisle in 2012, share three children. 

Matthew McConaughey's Memoir Bombshells

The Oscar winner, who just released his new memoir Greenlights, also revealed that the balance between being a Hollywood star and a family man is a tough but important one to maintain. 

"I personalize Hollywood in my book. I write about her, ‘I want her, I don't need her.' She's a moonlight tryst," he told Howard on the radio show. "My wife and my family, in my mind, are non-negotiable."

Just as Matthew had to set a boundary between his work and family life, he once had to set a tough line with his mother, Mary McCabe. He told Howard that at some point in his career, he stopped talking to his mom because she would routinely leak stories about him to the press. 


"I've forgiven her. It wasn't her fault. I just had to make some boundaries," he said. "It was tough for eight years, but we went through it and we're on the other side of it. It's good."

While family may come with some ups and downs, to Matthew, it will always be the most important thing.