Bachelor Nation's DeAnna Pappas Reveals Her Living Room Makeover Perfect for Virtual Learning

The Bachelorette’s DeAnna Pappas revealed the “living room of my dreams” in a recent blog post. Take a look at the transformation perfect for virtual learners.

By Mike Vulpo Oct 22, 2020 12:36 AMTags
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DeAnna Pappas' living room dreams have come true.

For the longest time, the Bachelor Nation member envisioned a space that was both functional and comfortable. When the coronavirus pandemic forced her family to stay home and practice virtual learning for school, the 38-year-old knew it was the perfect time to make a change.

Between new couches, kids desks and a few personal touches, DeAnna transformed her space into a place she can't help but admire.

"I truly love how our living room turned out!" she wrote in her blog. "I would not describe myself as having an eye for design, but I think I did pretty good! I love all the colors, the new couch, and the kids learning area! And to think, this all started on a whim...thinking I was only purchasing a new couch." 

ABC's former Bachelorette added, "I guess I'll be adding Interior Designer to my resume."

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But don't take DeAnna's word for it. Explore the space for yourself below and prepare to get some helpful tips on how you can recreate the look inside your own home.

Welcome to Our Home

DeAnna Pappas' living room transformation started with the couch. "I went to every furniture store in my area here in Los Angeles and even looked online," the Bachelor Nation star shared on her blog. "I ended up choosing our couch from Bob's Discount Furniture." 

All Are Welcome

"Our living room is a large great room so I had been looking for a large sectional, one that would seat at least five to seven people," DeAnna wrote on her blog. "We have a big family and we love to host so it was important for us to have a couch that could accommodate that. I'm so happy with our purchase!" 

Keep it Clean

For the ottomans, DeAnna teamed up with Minda Living for a few "gorgeous" pieces. 

School Is in Session

Since the living room was a generous space, DeAnna decided to use the front portion of the home as a "learning area" for her two kids, Addison and Austin.

The Perfect Space

Thanks to Instagram, DeAnna discovered Work from Home Desks, which have four height settings to suit ages five to 10. "These desks will grow with Addison and Austin over these coming years!" she explained on her blog

Tidy Up

"I found it so difficult to be organized as well as keep Addison focused doing her school work while sitting at our kitchen table," DeAnna explained on her blog. "I'm sure lots of Mama's out there can relate." 

Play Time

When school's over, it's time for play time with dad Stephen Stagliano!

Treat Time

DeAnna wanted to add some special touches to her children's work space. From wall-mounted butcher paper discovered on Etsy to family photos captured with help from Mixtiles, the Bachelor Nation star got extra creative.