Jennifer Lawrence Reveals The One Regret She Has About Wedding Planning

It's officially been a year since Jennifer Lawrence married Cooke Maroney, but the Oscar winner has not forgotten the one thing she would have done differently when it came to the wedding process.

By Samantha Schnurr Oct 21, 2020 3:59 PMTags
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First comes love, then comes marriage an unforgettable Bachelorette party—but for Jennifer Lawrence, not so much. 

The newlywed, who tied the knot with Cooke Maroney in October 2019, has not shared much about the day she said "I do" amongst a sea of celebrity friends in Rhode Island. Nor, has she been particularly forthcoming about her relationship with the art gallerist since they first took their romance public back in 2018. However, thanks to a new interview between the Oscar winner and host Heather McMahan on Dear Media's Absolutely Not podcast, fans got the chance to hear a bit more about Lawrence's married life these days, as well as a regret she has about a portion of the wedding process: the one and only Bachelorette party. 

"I had a major sleepover at my apartment, but I will say I regret not planning a big one," the actress shared. As for why such a celebration wasn't in the cards for Lawrence, she explained, "My friend was getting married close to me and I went to her Bachelorette and then we ended up—typical Leo—we called it my Bachelorette."

Still, it was far from a bad experience. "It was the most fun weekend of my entire life," the star confirmed. "I don't know how she felt, but I had a blast."

Stars at Jennifer Lawrence & Cooke Maroney's Wedding

Five months into marriage, Lawrence and the rest of the world were confronted with the coronavirus pandemic, which—as we all can understand—was not exactly easy. "I think our lowest moment," she recalled, "he tried to pick out a three-hour black-and-white Japanese film with subtitles and I was just like, 'How dare you?'"

If isolation has put you and your significant other on edge as of late, this hilarious story from Lawrence should be comforting. "Cooke and I tried to play tennis the other day but—I have a temper problem," she admitted. While they had the court for an hour, that much time ultimately wasn't necessary. "We made it 15 minutes," she said. "I missed the ball and I turned around and chucked the racket as hard as I could after screaming so many profanities in front of so many children."

Just blame that one on 2020.