Clare Crawley's First Group Date Gets Off to a Rocky Start After She's "Embarrassed" By the Guys

Clare Crawley wasn't afraid to stand up for herself after she felt her Bachelorette suitors weren't pulling her aside from some one-on-one time.

By Alyssa Morin Oct 21, 2020 1:53 AMTags

Clare Crawley is not afraid to speak her mind.

It's one of the many reasons the Bachelorette star is a fan-favorite of the ABC competition series. On Tuesday, Oct. 20, the 39-year-old hairstylist didn't hold back her thoughts after she felt her suitors weren't fighting for her love.

For her first group date, Clare kicked it off with a toast. Shortly after clinking glasses, Clare expressed that she felt an "awkward silence" among the group. The reality TV star seemingly expected her suitors to jump at the chance to steal her away.

However, Bennett Jordan took the lead and was the first to ask Clare for some one-on-one time. "Don't everybody jump at once. That was sad. Oh, my God," the star muttered to the financial planner as they walked away from the group.

"I had to jump on it, you know," Bennett said, to which Clare responded, "I'm glad you did. Did I interrupt the bromance?"

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The New Yorker reassured Clare that she most certainly was not interrupting anything. But Clare admitted that it was hard for her to focus on anything else, saying, "There is something in the back of my mind that is just kind of taking over..."

"I want to apologize. I just want to be present... and I want to be right here... but I'm not somebody that holds stuff in, and if I hold it in, it just stirs and stirs," she explained about how she was feeling. "It's like, 'Why didn't those guys get up? Why didn't they do or say anything?'"


"I was like, 'Nobody was trying to pull me aside and talk to me' and before I let it explode, I need to talk to these guys. I actually wanna talk to the group real quick," she expressed.

Speaking to the rest of the guys on the date, Clare echoed the same sentiments as before. "I was just talking to Bennett. But I really couldn't concentrate and focus on talking with him because I'm a little bit taken aback. And then there was the longest, awkward silence," she told her suitors. "And I just sat here and was embarrassed."

She added, "If you guys all wanna hang out with each other, you can do that, and I can go home and go to bed. At the end of the day, I'm a woman and I want my man to show me you care. The truth of the matter is it just hurt me."


Dale Moss, who received the first impression rose on the season 16 premiere, stood up and apologized to Clare.

"You shouldn't feel like that...," he began, "and the fact that I feel like s--t knowing that you felt like that, I never want you to feel like that when you're around me. Never again will I restrict how I feel if there's 10, nine, whatever men."

"Since I've been here, since our first night together, since getting the first impression rose, I was, like, on cloud nine. I've been on cloud nine," he added. "I'm still on cloud nine."

It was smooth sailing from then on and Clare had special moments with many of her suitors. By the end of the group date, she left them with one encouraging message.

"I wanted you guys to know that I know I came in here like a ball of fire earlier, but just as passionate as I am about sticking up for myself and speaking how I feel, I'm passionate about my relationship," she said. "I'm passionate about love. I'm passionate about my life and who I share that with."

After a "hard decision," The Bachelorette star gave her rose to Riley Christian. "Clare giving me this rose means that I'm doing something right," he raved in his confessional. "It feels great to know that I'm gonna be here next week... There will be more time with Clare."

New episodes air Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on ABC.

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