Mariah Carey

Steve Granitz/Getty Images

•  Mariah Carey may be prepping to celebrate her first wedding anniversary with Nick Cannon, but she's probably not switching all her lightbulbs to fluorescents. She was recently named the least green celebrity (which had nothing to do with comparisons to Shrek).

•  Miley Cyrus and Heidi Montag have become Twitter buddies—three things we hoped we'd never have to put together in one sentence.

•  Those New Moon wolves are (sexy) beasts!

•  Project Runway silver fox Tim Gunn hasn't had a date in 26 years, but who's counting?

•  Sean Penn likes that President Barack Obama smiles. We think he ought to give it a try as well.

•  Dear Jenna Dewan: You're probably not "the worst bride in the world," but, if we were marrying delicious Channing Tatum, we'd have stepped up already. Love, Rise 'n' Shine

Snoop Dogg got wax-ified earlier this week. Check out who has done the same in our Celeb Dummies gallery!

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