Papoose Clarifies Remy Ma Is Not Pregnant: "It's On Hold for Now"

After giving fans the impression that his wife Remy Ma was pregnant, Papoose cleared the air about the couple's baby plans.

By Samantha Schnurr Oct 19, 2020 8:26 PMTags
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In the words of Papoose, "I'm just being a supportive, excited husband who opened his big mouth."

As fans know, the rapper made some comments in July that had everyone thinking his wife, Remy Ma, was pregnant. "Some good things are coming out of this," he said during an appearance on Fox Soul's Out Loud With Claudia Jordan. "We're going to have a new child real soon."

Fast forward three months, and Papoose cleared the air during an Instagram chat with Hot 93.7's Jenny Boom Boom, confirming that Ma is not pregnant right now. As Papoose explained to the host, he had not specified what was going on behind the scenes at the time, including that his wife would have to undergo IVF. 

"Within that in vitro process, there are necessary steps that we have to take for us to have a baby," he said. "At the time when I made that announcement, my wife woke up one day and said 'Hey, I'm ready now since it's Covid, we're locked in. I don't think it's going to stop me from working. Let's do it.'" As a result, they went to the doctor and "started the procedure," as he put it. 

"When we started the procedure, I was so excited and I opened my big mouth and I said something about it and people not knowing how the procedure goes, that there are steps you have to take, they took it as she was already carrying our child," he continued. "But what I was expressing was, 'Yo, we're having the next baby. She's ready because we already have the embryo.'"

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He further explained that in addition to the daughter they welcomed in 2018, Reminisce Mackenzie, the couple also has a frozen male embryo. 

"When we went through the process last time, we had two embryos—one was the golden child and the other one was our son. So, she wanted to put two in at one time and have twins. I didn't want to do that because having twins with in vitro, everyone will tell you it's very risky," the performer explained. "So, I didn't want to take no chances. I wanted to make sure everything was smooth sailing. We did that. We had the golden child. So, that embryo we kept it in the freezer, paid them money for them to keep it nice and safe for us."

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As a result, "Whenever she's ready," Papoose said, "she can put the embryo in and we ready to go. She told me she was ready, I opened my big mouth because I was excited and now it's kind of on hold for now."

Considering his prior announcement, the star also explained why their plans are currently paused. 

"I want my son. He's there. I already know he exists. He's inside of the embryo and I just can't wait. I'm excited," he said. "But my wife, she had to kind of hit the brakes a little bit for her own reasons and I respect that. She's the queen. She's the one who has to carry that baby for months. She has to deliver it. So, it's ultimately up to her. I'm just being a supportive, excited husband who opened his big mouth."