Dr. Q Needs Terrence's Scrotum Skin for a Nipple Reconstruction: Watch His Hilarious Reaction

On tonight's all-new Dr. 90210, Dr. Quardt needs to take skin from a very sensitive place to help recreate patient Terrence's nipple. Watch him react to the news below!

By Allison Crist Oct 19, 2020 6:00 PMTags
Watch: Man Needs Scrotum Skin for Nipple Reconstruction

Back at it again.

We've already introduced Dr. 90210 fans to Terrence—a patient who's major weight loss left him with sagging skin he's hoping to get rid of with help from Dr. Suzanne Quardt on tonight's all-new episode—but it turns out there's more to his story. 

For an idea of what's to come, take a look at another sneak peek of the new patient's appearance on the E! show in the above clip, in which Dr. Q begins by revealing that Terrence will have to undergo an additional procedure after getting his sagging breasts and stomach fixed.

What sort of surgery, exactly? Nipple reconstruction.

"I always knew Dr. Q was going to take care of me and could handle anything, but last week she told me how she was going to handle making a new nipple..." Terrence explains before the Dr. 90210 cameras flash back to his previous consultation.

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"I need skin that is of similar quality, color, kind of a little erectile ability..." Dr. Q tells Terrence, who responds, "I don't know where you're gonna get it from." 

Then Dr. Q puts it out there: "Your scrotum."

Terrence begins to laugh hysterically, but stops when Dr. Q says, "I ain't joking!"

"Oh snap," he says, clearly shocked.

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Luckily, Terrence quickly comes to terms with the idea of the procedure. 

"That's crazy, but I trust Dr. Q completely," he says in a confessional.

Dr. Q also reassures him that the nipple is "gonna heal so beautifully." 

"And I'm only taking skin!" she adds.

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Before the conclusion of the sneak peek clip, Terrence drops a line almost as iconic as the song he sang about his chest: "My ball's in your court."

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