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So. Lady Gaga. From the looks of my inbox and the Twitter, you kids just love all five feet of her, yes you do. Very well. All your Gaga questions! Answered! In this special all-Gaga edition!

Who is Lady Gaga's fashion inspiration?
—krisjess, via Twitter

The woman who was born Stefani Germanotta of course loves Italian fashion. "I channel Versace in everything I do," she told the Sunday London Times. "Donatella is my muse in so many ways. She's iconic."

Gaga also likes Chanel, Gareth Pugh and Marni. Also, from the look of her getups, she shares some DNA with Thierry Mugler.

I heard that Lady Gaga is a lesbian. Is that true?
—Midnite Fantasy, via Twitter

The lyrics of "Poker Face" sure do hint at bisexuality, and New York magazine out-and-out called her bisexual, but for the record, she won't say.

"I'm hesitant to discuss it," she told the Herald Sun of Australia. "I don't like the way those conversations become more paramount than the music, so I like to stay away from it. I love that people are interested. I have a big gay fan base, so it's hard for me not to talk about it. But I am who I am...I'll just let everybody find out for themselves. I just chose not to acknowledge my sexual orientation."

I really want to know if Lady Gaga has a stylist assist her. How can she have the time to dress so uniquely without help?
—Slizabeth, via Twitter

Well, this is Gaga, so she has to do things all crazy. She works with a "collective" of creative types who call themselves Haus of Gaga. And they do everything from choosing her look to designing her sets.

"In this industry, you get a lot of stylists and producers thrown at you," she told the London Times. "But this is my own creative team, modeled on Warhol's Factory. Everyone is under 26 and we do everything together."

Everybody got that? Good.

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