Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson

Fred Duval/Getty Images

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, getting PG frisky up in Vancouver. That's what any girl does who supposedly still has a boyfriend, right? The costars were grocery shopping over the weekend when a fellow shopper noticed the duo "holding hands" as they walked around inside.

R and K even stopped to "giggle" at the current tabloids with their hot little mugs plastered all over 'em. Robsten quickly turned incognito when they noticed people staring, and all of a sudden kept their hands to themselves. No need to hide, babes, come out of the dating closet already!

Also enjoying some quality love time was...

Lance Bass, with his new dark and handsome boy-accoutrement, hitting South Beach. They hit the 12th St. Beach over the weekend after celebrating the first-ever Miami gay parade. L and his dude were there with a group of amigos, lounging on chaises, having a fab ol' time, literally.

L.B. even debuted a much-less pudgy bod as he dipped in and out of the ocean. Lance rocked board shorts and aviators as he posed with a newlywed lesbian couple, offering them his congrats.

Enjoying the sun in a much more sinful way was...

Lauren Conrad, hosting MGM's grand opening of its ultrapool, Wet Republic. Laur donned a flowy lavender tie-dyed beach dress as she posed for pics with fans around the pool. Enjoying your last few minutes of that 15, doll?

L.C. hung in the VIP bungalow, natch, where she played Nintendo Wii with some friends and danced to the tunes of DJ Crooked. Conrad was also heard dishing her love of Vegas saying, "You can't go wrong in Vegas as long as you have a good group with you," and 'fessing her love of "gambling, pools and clubs."

Party on to further greatness, L!

Additional reporting by Taryn Ryder and Martin Haro

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