The Office's Rainn Wilson Trolls Steve Carell During Mini Reunion

Rainn Wilson poked fun at his Office co-star Steve Carell’s age on his IGTV series “Hey There, Human.” Keep scrolling to see the full roast session.

By Mona Thomas Oct 16, 2020 4:26 PMTags
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Pure The Office nostalgia. 

For the season finale of Rainn Wilson's IGTV series "Hey There, Human" for SoulPancake, the actor interviewed his co-star from The OfficeSteve Carell, who played Michael Scott. During the episode, which premiered on Oct. 15, the two actors reminisced about their time on the hilarious show, but not without Rainn aka Dwight Schrute poking fun at the Bruce Almighty star for not having an Instagram. 

"Steve is using my Instagram because he has no Instagram because he's so old," he said in a painfully slow cadence. "Waiting for Rainn Wilson, come on Steven. You can do this. Connecting, it's happening!" 

When Steve finally appeared on the scene, Rainn told him, "I was mocking you. I said you don't have an Instagram because you're so old, even though essentially you're three years older than me." And the 58-year-old comedian agreed. 

"In spirit I am many more years older than you though," he pointed out. "I'm decrepit." 

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The two stars also discussed the "strange Office obsession" that many people seem to have, especially while binging episodes during self-isolation. 

"I don't know if you feel the same thing, but the people who watch the show definitely know the show better than we do," Steve shared. "Maybe we watched it once when we'd all get together and watch episodes. That was most of my watching of the show. So I don't know all the details, and when people reference lines and bits… some of them don't really ring a bell at all."

He added, "It's great that it caught on like it did, because we all felt that it was special when we were doing it."