Heart of A Beat: G-Eazy and blackbear Talk Making Hit Songs After 10 Years of Friendship

In a new interview, G-Eazy and blackbear took E! News back to the first day they met each other, while shedding light on their successful collaboration process.

By Linda Kim Oct 16, 2020 4:00 PMTags
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What happens when two musical forces come together to create? Pure magic, usually. But while we all get to enjoy the end result on repeat, we rarely hear about the steps the artists took to get there. In E! News' new series Heart of A Beat, the stars pull back the curtain on the collaborative process behind their hit songs.

A handsome rapper who likes Taco Bell?

That's just one of the things singer and producer blackbear has learned about his friend, rap superstar G-Eazy, through their years of collaborative friendship. The two hitmakers met almost a decade ago and still remain good friends today. After first working together on "Remember You" off the rapper's debut album These Things Happen in 2014, the two are back with another collaboration, "Hate The Way," out Friday, Oct. 16.

Though quarantine kept the two from recording together in person this time around, they were able to finish the song separately in a few hours and, when it was safer, reunite for the music video. And even better? Fans will get to see them perform their new song together for the first time during blackbear's virtual concert on Wednesday, Oct. 21.

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As long-time friends, did they know what the other was thinking while working on the track? And just how badly did blackbear want to curse on the song? They dished on that and more—including who they'd want to feature on a remix of the song—in the latest installment of E! News' Heart of A Beat series. Check it out below!


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E! News: Do you remember the first time you met each other?
G-Eazy: Yeah! It was on one of the first tours I ever went on. It was Vans Warped Tour, like nine years ago, I think. We met backstage and just clicked. Then, after that, we worked together on my first album.
blackbear: I was visiting friends on Warped Tour and ran into G. This is almost 10 years ago. And I remember being skeptical, like, "You're a handsome rapper? You can't be that good..." And, man, was I wrong.

E!: Which song of theirs is your favorite?
GE: Might be cliché, but "hot girl bummer." It's such a smash.
BB: I love "Moana" and "You Got Me"

E!: You've worked together before. Why did you want to work together again?
GE: Because there's a history and a creative chemistry we already share, but more than that, it's just always fun to work with your homies and share experiences like this through songs.
BB: We know the level of care each other [is] going to bring. This is really what we do. No hobbies, just good music.

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E!: How did the song come to be?  What input did you each bring?
GE: The song just came from an honest place, and when I was working on it, I felt like I could hear Bear on it!
BB: I brought good vibes and good funny memes.

E!:  Walk us through a day together in the studio.
GE: Quarantine kept us from being able to record it together, unfortunately, but typically when I get to the studio ,I just go off of the energy and the vibe of the room. You have to have fun and be able to enjoy yourself when you're making music. Otherwise, the music won't have an authentic vibe. 
BB: G loves Taco Bell.

E!: How long did it take for you to finish this song?
GE: Not long. I laid my verses one night, then sent it to him and he knocked out the chorus right away. 
BB: Two to three hours.

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E!: What was going through your mind writing/recording it?
GE: Just trying to channel certain memories and personal experiences. I always try to tell stories through things that people can relate to. I think some of the most powerful songs that get made are also the most vulnerable and human. It makes it relatable.
BB: I wanted to curse more but I got shut down. People are gonna feel this is what I was thinking, it's very deep.

E!: What's your favorite lyric from the song?
GE: "Every time I leave it's too long"
BB: "I try to draw the line and then she sniffed it how poetic and raw."

E!: Was there a time where one of you had an idea that the other disagreed with? How did you compromise?
GE: Not that I can remember. 
BB: I wanted to curse more, but G said it would get more radio play if I didn't. I wanted to say, "I hate the way I always f--king miss you."

E!: If you could bring in another guest artist for a remix of the song, who would you want?
GE: Bon Iver, Post Malone, or 21 Savage.
BB: BTS or Harry Styles.

E!: What is one new thing you learned about the other person during this process?
GE: I've known bear a long time, but it's always dope seeing how dedicated artists are to their live show. He cares so much about giving his fans a great experience, even if it's a streamed concert.
BB: G has a lot of heart to do a three-day music video shoot. So dedicated.

E!: If you could do another song together again, what would you want it to be about?
GE: Milkshakes and sushi. Who knows, we'll have to wait and see.
BB: I just wanna keep making quality every time G and I get together. Not concerned about the concept, just want to continue this quality.

"Hate The Way" is available now.