Read Chloe x Halle's Moving Message on Mental Health Amid the Coronavirus Pandemic

In an exclusive interview with E! News, Chloe and Halle Bailey shared how they have been working on their mental health amid the ongoing global pandemic. Read on for their message.

By Taylor Bryant Oct 16, 2020 7:11 PMTags
Watch: How Chloe x Halle Have Been Keeping Mentally Healthy

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"Head on the pavement, I'm just trying to win."

If you're a fan of Chloe x Halle, you instantly recognized those lyrics from the duo's hit song "Overwhelmed." It's a mentality they've focused in on during quarantine. While most of the world slowed down amid the worldwide pandemic, Chloe Bailey and Halle Bailey have been in high gear, releasing their new album Ungodly Hour and setting stages on fire with their impressive virtual performances. And now, their latest venture: Partnering up with Victoria Secret for PINK With Purpose, a platform dedicated to strengthening mental health among young adults.

As they give so much of themselves to different avenues, the sister-act have learned how important it is to take time for themselves to "refresh and refuel," Chloe explained.

"For me, I do a lot of prayer," the 22-year-old told E! News exclusively. "And I like to work out more for my mental because I'm such a huge over-thinker and I'm constantly stressing myself out with my own thoughts. But when I work out, I'm too focused on the physical pain to be in my head for that hour or two. So, I've really like to do that."

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Indeed, despite their busy year, Halle admitted that their music has been one of the only constants throughout. "I feel like our music has really been the main outlet of this whole thing and if we did not have, you know, the excitement of our album coming out, the press run that we're doing from home…everything truly would have been a bit lost," she revealed. "So this is definitely a blessing because it keeps us busy and it keeps us going.

Using their music as their therapy has allowed the duo to succeed beyond measure and shine in their own light. "I think it's so important for us to realize that we are special no matter what society tells us," Chloe explained. "No matter what we see in front of us on our phone screens, and that's why we're really happy to do this campaign and remind ourselves that we are enough."

When the sisters are not being superstars in real life they portray star athletes, twins Jazlyn and Skylar Forster, on Freeform's hit show Grown-ish, which follows the lives of college students as they try to navigate life, school and the challenges that come with that.

Victoria's Secret PINK

"We definitely touch those topics that aren't really easy to digest," said Chloe. "And I feel like it wouldn't be right if we didn't address that because we are talking about college life and we are college students in the show. So, let's address the good, bad, and the ugly."

That goes for on screen—and off it. "I'm really happy that mental health isn't being overlooked anymore," she shared. "And people are finally seeing it as a real issue, especially with kids who are our age, and it starts even like in middle school and everything."

While she feels technology has done a lot of good, she also believes it has "definitely contributed" to the deterioration of our mental health. "You're constantly comparing yourself to images that are just not real," Chloe admitted. "And these ideas that are just not real, and you're trying to figure out why am I not like that, but you can't be perfect, you can't do something that's not real."

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They've learned to ignore their screens and focus on the present. And there is a lot to focus on. Chloe revealed she just finished working on a horror movie with Russell Crowe called The Georgetown Project while Halle is set to play Ariel in Disney's upcoming live-action The Little Mermaid. 

"I would definitely say you can expect more performances from us, singing more songs off our album that you have not heard, different arrangements, more videos, so we're not done," Halle said. "We're just very excited that we have music, people have listened to and are loving and just really fills up our souls and our spirits when something that we work so hard on and put all of our love into and kind of vent in that that be our therapy to be well received by people. So, we're just very grateful."

For more on their partnership with PINK and their thoughts on mental health, check out their interview on PINK's YouTube channel, airing on October 23.

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