Adam Brody Reveals Whether Gilmore Girls' Dave Rygalski Deserves the "Best Boyfriend" Title

Adam Brody stole the hearts of Gilmore Girls fans as Dave Rygalski, and now he's weighing in on the "best boyfriend" debate. Scroll on to see his exclusive interview with E! News.

By Jess Cohen, Amanda Williams Oct 16, 2020 5:12 PMTags
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Like most Gilmore Girls fans, Adam Brody is wondering what could've been with his character Dave Rygalski.

As viewers of the beloved series may recall, Brody appeared on the hit WB show in the early 2000s before starring on The O.C. During his time on Gilmore Girls, Brody played Dave, a band member and love interest of Lane Kim (Keiko Agena). And while there were many relationships on the series, fans quickly fell for the romance between Dave and Lane. However, Dave's time in Stars Hollow came to an end when he moved to California.

Over the years, fans of the series have debated over which character deserves the "best boyfriend" award, from Jess (Milo Ventimiglia) to Dean (Jared Padalecki) to Dave. If you ask Brody, which E! New recently did, he'll say he's not sure whether his character should have the title.

"I don't know if he's the best boyfriend ever," The Kid Detective actor told E! News. "I haven't seen like every episode of the show, so I can't say that."

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"I mean, that makes sense, knowing what I know of that character and what he is," Brody continued. "He's pretty valiant, chivalrous."

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The 40-year-old, who recently welcomed a second child with wife Leighton Meester, went on to note, "I'm sure if you got to know Dave longer, he would've have some shortcomings."

Fans can next see Brody is his new film, The Kid Detective, in which he plays Abe, a detective who works alongside a teenager to solve a murder. When asked if he, like his character, has ever felt the need to prove himself by taking on more adult roles after his success on Gilmore Girls and The O.C., Brody shared that he has.

"I guess so, yeah," he told E! News. "Quite honestly, playing high school...I was always in my 20s. I started acting at 19 and turned 20 fast, so you're always playing high school, your parents are a little too young to be playing your parents. I mean, even if it's physically possible it's not probable. And you kind of yearn to be someone with a job or be someone, at a certain point, with a family."

Watch the E! News interview above to see if Brody's 5-year-old daughter Arlo influenced his new movie role!

The Kid Detective is in select theaters this Friday, October 16.