Dr. 90210 Patient With a Sunken Chest Wants Dr. Kelly Killeen to Fix Her Breasts

In this Dr. 90210 sneak peek, Dr. Kelly Killeen meets with a new patient who has a sunken chest. Can the doctor give the patient her dream chest?

By Alyssa Ray Oct 15, 2020 6:48 PMTags
Watch: Woman With Sunken Chest Is Ready to Fix Breasts

Just about perfect.

In this clip from Monday, Oct. 19's all-new episode of Dr. 90210, Dr. Kelly Killeen meets with a patient who has a birth defect. Specifically, the new patient has a sunken chest, but wants bigger boobs to feel normal.

The plan? To give the new patient breast implants while using fat to fill in the sunken areas.

"So, we're gonna fill over here all the way across, but over here a little bit more," Dr. Killeen explains to the patient. "And I think that's gonna make you feel more comfortable."

As the examination continues, Dr. Killeen asks the naturally skinny patient where she'd like fat removed. The answer: her love handles!

"The love handles, that's a great spot for you," the Dr. 90210 doctor notes. "You're so skinny and then you have this one little area where you're holding onto fat."

The patient then quips that it's "where all [her] cookies go."

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Playfully, Dr. Killeen tells the patient that she is "happy to repurpose" her cookies. Moving onto the sizing portion of the exam, Dr. Killeen suggests bringing the patient's husband in for support.

The woman quips, "He wants me to go huge."

Yet, she seems to also have dreams of going larger.

The patient adds, "I would like to be a large D."

Upon hearing this, Dr. Killeen advises her patient to not focus on the number, rather think about the look and feel.

In a confessional, the patient reveals that she doesn't let her husband see her topless. Thus, if surgery will increase her confidence, he's "100 percent on board."

After trying on various implant sizes, the patient lands on a larger size, which will make her a 30DD.

"It feels bizarre," the woman states to Dr. Killeen. "This is like so surreal to be able to feel different."

Ultimately, Dr. Killeen wants to give her patient the perfect chest, but any procedure runs the risk of complications.

"We can get it pretty damn good, but not perfect," Dr. Killeen informs the Dr. 90210 camera. "I know I want to fat graft her, but you can't just put endless amounts of fat in a very small area."

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Per the surgeon, too much fat will hinder the "blood supply or food for the fat," which could cause it all to die.

Regardless, the patient seems happy with Dr. Killeen's plan.

Watch the full consultation in the clip above.