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Welcome to our very first celebrity guest blog! We are thrilled to have Lo Bosworth of The Hills here to share her views on last night's episode, on what's coming up on the show and what she's working on this week. Take it away, Lo!

On last night's ep of The Hills: Last night's episode was kind of sad, but there were parts that were really funny, too. My favorite moment was when Stephanie was at work, and she picks up the phone and just hangs up on somebody, and immediately says, "I think I just hung up on someone." I was dying at that. I was almost in tears. There are also some great one-liners, like when Heidi and Spencer are at the therapist's office, and Heidi says to Spencer, "I feel like you’ve been emotionally checked out in some kind of weird stripper hotel for a while!" I try to see the comedy in our show.

On next week's ep of The Hills: We were [in Hawaii] for a few days, and next week is us getting there and our first night, and the following episode is probably our last night there. We had a pretty good time. We hung out with the boys both nights.

On the possible Audrina & Brody hookup: I think everybody got a taste of what might happen between Audrina and Brody [on last night's episode], but you'll have to watch to see if anything does happen because sometimes MTV teases things, and they turn out to be the other way around. So people will really have to watch to see. Don't judge things before the episode actually plays out!

On her on-air love life: I've never really [shared my love life] on the show, and the producers know that, so I don't think so. I like to keep that part of my life to myself.

On her first live hosting gig: Last night I cohosted The After Show, a Canadian live show that runs after The Hills airs. Hosting is what I want to do after The Hills, so this was a great opportunity for me. It was nerve-racking because it was live, but it was thrilling too. I think by the first commercial break I was finally loosened up a bit and very comfortable.

On her other gigs: Children's literacy is a cause close to my heart, so I recently taped a PSA with Jumpstart and American Eagle Outfitters. It's going to be in all the American Eagle Outfitters stores, and it promotes Jumpstart's Read for the Record campaign, which is in October. The goal of that is to have as many people in the United States and Canada reading the same book  on the same day. And I also write a twice-monthly blog for pocketchangela.com, where I review restaurants, hotels and spas.

So, do you think Audrina and Brody hook up? What do you make of Speidi's premarital counseling? Sound off in the comments below.

—As told to Megan Masters

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