The Bachelorette's Tyler Accuses Yosef of Being Unfaithful to Clare Crawley on Night One

Clare Crawley is dealing with drama between Bachelorette contestants Yosef Aborady and Tyler Cottrill. According to Tyler, Yosef was in contact with another woman while production was on pause.

By Alyssa Morin Oct 14, 2020 1:32 AMTags

Every rose has its thorn...

The Bachelorette season 16 premiere is proving to be one for the books. Not only has Clare Crawley felt like she's already met her "husband," but she's also dealing with the drama between contestants Yosef Aborady and Tyler Cottrill.

According to Tyler, Yosef was in contact with another woman while production was on pause due to the coronavirus pandemic. After seeing Yoself pull Clare aside to have his one-on-one time with her, Tyler spilled the tea in his confessional.

"I know that Yosef is taking up time with Clare and thinks he's making a good impression. Meanwhile, I know something that nobody else knows," he revealed. "And if necessary, I'll play that card to protect Clare."

He added, "Yosef, if you're not here for the right reason it's going to come to the light quickly. I've got no issue calling you out on your bulls--t, because if I don't, then I just enable it."

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Speaking to the other contestants, Tyler stuck to his claims.

"So coming into this I was in a weird position to find out some stuff about Yosef," he explained. "A lot of being reckless on Instagram and flirting with girls where I'm from and know me and are mutual friends."

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After getting it off his chest with some of Clare's suitors, Tyler decided to talk to Yosef "man to man."

"I wanted to pull you off to the side... I don't want to make a scene...," Tyler said. "I know a girl and she messages me through a mutual friend and she contacts me and she said, 'A guy on the show is DM'ing me or talking to me.'"

Tyler explained the reason he's bringing it up now is to try "to look out" for Clare "because she's had enough of her time wasted."

However, Yosef denied Tyler's accusations. "Listen, I get what you're saying," Yosef responded. "I totally understand that but I don't remember that."

Filming his confessional, Yosef shared the same sentiments. "I don't know what mini McConaughey is saying. I'm not here for high school drama...," he expressed. "I can promise you one thing, nothing is going to get in the way of Clare and I enjoying this evening."


But in true Bachelor Nation fashion, Yosef alerts Clare of the drama. She decided to call over Tyler to sit down with both men to get to the bottom of things.

"We're gonna hit the nail on the head with this," she told Yosef. While Tyler maintained that Yosef was speaking to a woman during quarantine, Yosef defended himself saying, "My intentions remain true... I have nothing to hide."

Getting nowhere, Clare reminded the men there are more contestants waiting for her. Simply put, she told Tyler and Yosef, "Do what you gotta do. I'm gonna continue chatting and I'll talk to you guys in a little bit." 

In the end, Yosef walked away with a rose while Tyler was sent home. Of course, this is only the beginning of The Bachelorette. For all of the latest updates, click here.

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