What We Learned Doing a Deep Dive Into All of Clare Crawley's Bachelorette Suitors. You're Welcome.

The sixteenth season is finally upon us and we did some digging on the 31 men viewers will meet in the ABC hit's Oct. 13 premiere.

By Tierney Bricker Oct 14, 2020 12:00 AMTags

You can go private, you can change your handle, but you can't hide from Bachelor Nation.

After months of anticipation (and a major delay due to the coronavirus pandemic), Clare Crawley's season of The Bachelorette officially kicks off tonight, ending our nation's drought. But a shortage of what were we facing, you may ask? Of aspiring social media influencers, of course, hoping to use their journey on the show to ride off into the sunset with new sponsorships and a free vacation. 

And viewers will meet 31 suitors in the two-hour premiere, all vying for their shot at reality TV love with Clare, a five-time franchise vet, and fame. To truly help you get to know the guys before they exit the limo and execute any ill-advised stunt they were convinced to do in the name of making a lasting first impression, we tracked them all down on Instagram to get a sense of who they really are—or at least who they want you to think they are.

Judging from Clare's batch, they want the world to know they only love sports, boats and working out and their mommas, sorry.

All of the Women Who Were Almost the Bachelorette

Here's what we learned about all of Clare's men from going through their social media accounts...


Instagram Followers: 2,848
Insta Bio: He who laughs most, learns best. UCI '14 | Pepperdine MBA '22
What We Learned: Two of the California native's five saved Highlights are for "Coachella 18" and "Vegas," which says more than we ever could. But AJ does have some cavalier one-line captions that are Gen-Z cousins would definitely use, including "when the waiter asks 'is Pepsi okay?'" and "Should be thinkin' about your actions not your captions." His last post before leaving to film The Bachelorette was sitting in a field of poppies. He then announced his return to "the gram."


Instagram Followers: 5,337
Insta Bio: Your coach. @yourbodybuildingclub @absfromspace @deuce_gym @deucebacklot You're welcome, always.
What We Learned: This may surprise you because of his bio, but Ben likes to workout and likes to post videos and photos from his workouts. He started his own bodybuilding club, posts lots of photos with dogs and likes pizza. Your basic swipe-right-on-Tinder kind of situation.


Instagram Followers: 2,058
Insta Bio: Clear Eyes, Full Hearts (+doughnuts and green juice), Can't Lose.
What We Learned: "@chrisbharrison said it best when he said I was a gift giver, and this wild and crazy year I decided to give all of my family and friends the gift of entertainment." Clearly, the guy is humble, asking his followers to watch "my journey" for love while promoting Clare's premiere. But the NYC resident gets some points for the Friday Night Lights reference in his bio and taking an adorable pic of his mom with her Christmas gift, a season of Empire on DVD.

But we must deduct points for the "casual" placement of a Harvard track & field hat in his feed. So you went to Harvard. What, like it's hard?

Blake Monar

Instagram Followers: 4,767
Insta Bio: Founder and CEO of @statumstyle Cosmetics, Picture Prop @agencyaz, Phoenix. SHOP PRODUCTS IN LINK BELOW
What We Learned: He's all about promoting his hair products, baby. When he's not doing a photoshoot to show off his haircare line, he seems to be on his motorcycle or taking photos of street art. 

Blake Moynes

Instagram Followers: 4,971
Insta Bio: Canadian, Wildlife Enthusiast, Lets stop living like we're the only species on this [Earth] or in time we will be
What We Learned: He rescued his beloved dog Koho five years ago and posts more about animals than people. He has a cottage. He wears flannel. Darling, he's a Taylor Swift imaginary boyfriend dressed like a daydream.


Instagram Followers: 14,600
Insta Bio: Luxury Real Estate | New York City @thecorcorangroup, Select Model Management
What We Learned: While his saved highlights are all about the properties he's selling as a real estate agent, his feed is fully dedicated to his modeling gig. Lots of Blue Steel, lots of shirtless content and lots of question-posing in his captions to inspire engagement. We respect the hustle!


Instagram Followers: 7,395
Insta Bio: n/a
What We Learned: Chris Harrison may have said he is a "lovable roofer" but his feed tells us he's an aspiring Instagram influencer and model. But amid the vast quantity of portraits and shirtless pics are pretty cute posts about his nephew and niece. "Some have said I'm the greatest uncle of all time for putting up with these babies," he wrote back in 2017. "I say I'm just obligated, it's my duty......I love them so much!!!!!"


Instagram Followers: 5,587
Insta Bio: Founder: San Diego CA, Fitness ⁣⁣Enthusiast, IT Account Executive, No Ties
What We Learned: He's signed to a SoCal modeling agency and his go-to look seems to be running his hand through his hair while he walks away from things, like cars. He also isn't afraid to use a hashtag—no matter what kind of photo he is posting—and was upset that Coachella was postponed. But, like, at least he has a Goldendoodle?


Instagram Followers: 4,135
Insta Bio: If you're not having fun, you're not living.
What We Learned: He hosts a video cooking series called Two Dudes One Kitchen (though they have no posts yet). He's vacationed in Bali. He dedicated an entire video post to riding a Bird, those scooters you had to swerve around everywhere you went a couple of years ago. Call it the millennial hat trick. 


Instagram Followers: 183,000
Insta Bio: NFL Athlete turned Model & Host, @SpecialOlympics Global Ambassador
What We Learned: Listen, a quick Google search of Dale will tell you everything you need to know about how his time on the show goes for him. But aside from that, Dale lives in New York City, works out a lot and loves a motivational quote. With his follower count already impressively high considering the season hasn't started yet, he's gotten a jump on booking some some spon-con, including partnerships with Gillette, Oral B and Michelob Ultra.


Instagram Followers: 5,617
Insta Bio:San Diego —> Scottsdale, @bacheloretteabc, B.S. Arizona State Univ., M.S. Clemson Univ.
What We Learned: Yep, a Bachelorette plug is already in the bio! OK, putting that aside, Demar is actually a spin instructor, a first for the franchise, and the manager of his studio in Scottsdale. He's currently still teaching, so now's your chance before he leaves for Bachelor in Paradise! Chris Harrison predicted he will be a "Bachelor Nation fan favorite" and judging by his fun and positive social media feed, we co-sign that statement!


Instagram Followers: 9,907
Insta Bio: I Just Wanna Be Great. NFL. Thanks & #GigEm Twitter: @EazyKnowsBest
What We Learned: He's already not afraid to call out the show, pointing out they got his hometown (they listed) Newport Beach, Calif.) wrong on his bio. "P.S I'm from ALLEN, TX !!!" he wrote. "Don't play me lol." His full name is Uzoma Nwachukwu and he's a big sport dude, particularly Texas A&M football, where he played as a wide receiver in college before he briefly joined the Houston Texans' practice squad. 

"He's easy to get along with, he's easy on the eyes, easy to talk to, easy to get along with," Chris Harrison said during the cast reveal. And his Instagram seems to confirm that assessment. 


Instagram Followers: 767
Insta Bio:PIT - CLT -MIA. @bacheloretteabc 
What We Learned: Chris Harrison advised not judging a book by its cover when he introduced Ed, but he didn't say anything about judging a contestant by his feed! Per his 'gram, Ed's your basic millennial bro. We've got shirtless hiking pics, pun-filled captions and a penchant for tagging Chipotle as the location on photos not taken at Chipotle. You know, funny stuff. He's also an account exec for CVS, so here's hoping Clare will address those long-ass receipts during their first one-on-one.


Instagram Followers: 8,028
Insta Bio: Entertainment & Inspiration. Nice guy, finishing first. Professor @uscedu | Media Personality | Emmy-nominated Journalist
What We Learned: His bio sort of did the job for us, as all facets of his life are pretty well-documented in his grid. He loves a motivational moment and is also big into posting comedic TikToks. 


Instagram Followers: 1,456
Insta Bio: Dallas, TX | Engineer | Investor. @bacheloretteabc szn XVI. 
What We Learned: The certified "nice guy" is an aeronautical engineer who likes to play tennis and moved to Dallas from Florida in 2018. Oh, and he's also into nice cars. Sorry, but Ivan hasn't posted all that much to his 'gram and we're mere mortals.


Instagram Followers: 3,999
Insta Bio: A regular at WaWa and Wegmans Buffet line. Former fat guy for the NFL/CFL. URI Alum.
What We Learned: Jason played one season for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers as an offensive lineman and received the second lowest Wonderlic score in NFL history. We didn't say it, Wikipedia did, so don't throw wine at the messenger. Since his football days, he's lost almost 100 pounds and seems very committed to his family and friends.


Instagram Followers: 2,277
Insta Bio: •PA •VA •FL. 2 Corinthians 5:17. @bacheloretteabc
What We Learned: He's not above using a dog and a cute baby in one photo for likes, a potent combo in the world of social media. The fitness director loves the beach, loves throwing up the peace sign (his go-to pose, it seems) and is a big fan of the Philadelphia Eagles. 


Instagram Followers: 1,349
Insta Bio: n/a
What We Learned: Not a whole lot, except that he seems to have a sense of humor about the whole Bachelorette thing. In his posts about the show, he calls his group of suitors the "Covid class of 2020" and uses hashtags like #dadbod and #oldestcontestantever. Yes, at 40 years old he is the oldest contestant ever on the show. The banker also seems to love traveling and his family and friends, like most humans on the Internet.


Instagram Followers: 884.
Insta Bio: Be kind, have fun.
What We Learned: He attended Georgetown University in Washington, D.C., and graduated from Stony Brook University School of Medicine in 2014, according to his Facebook profile. He doesn't post on social media all that often and that's probably because of his job as an anesthesiologist. He was once even picked as one of the Top 20 Most Eligible Doctors and Medical Professionals in New York City. 

Jordan C.

Instagram Followers: 2,603
Insta Bio: CT | NYC. @bacheloretteabc | szn 16
What We Learned: The software salesman played football at Fordham University and is super close with his older sister. We know, not a lot, but his social media feed is pretty standard and he seems like a genuinely great guy!


Instagram Followers: 10,600
Insta Bio: Motivated. Christ lover. Traveler. Cybersecurity. Engineer. 6'8". Santa Monica, CA.
What We Learned: Jordan has a legit job as an "experienced Cyber Security Engineer with a demonstrated history of working in the hospital & health care industry," per his Linkedin. Plus, he's a certified ethical hacker and a member of the National Society of Black Engineers. 


Instagram Followers:36,1000
Insta Bio: Boy Band Manager @theboybandnightchicago | @trsechicago. Social Media @dgcustomsuits. Booking @115bourbonstreet CHICAGO/ @goodtalentmanagement
What We Learned: We're sorry, did you need to know anything else aside from the fact that he is a boy band manager?! OK, fine: He is a fan of both Friends and Seinfeld, a unicorn in the world of sitcom fandom. And, random alert, he is the face model for the Joker in a Mortal Kombat video game. His life feels like a game of Mad Libs.

Mike T.

Instagram Followers: 2,769
Insta Bio: Canadian Made. @bacheloretteabc | #SZN16. @tobinviscomms | #YYC
What We Learned: The link in his bio is to his profile on ABC.com and he already has a highlight reel and five posts dedicated to the show. Back in December 2019, he took a video in front of Peter Weber's poster for The Bachelor about doing The Bachelorette. Aside from his commitment to Bachelor Nation, Mike is a big Game of Thrones fan, dressing up as Jon Snow for Halloween, he rocks some serious flannel and appears to be a doting uncle. 


Instagram Followers: 9,394
Insta Bio: @foxtail_supper_club @foxtail_media @bandelier_hospitality. Dad. Chef. Sober. Fitness. Clear Eyes. Full Hearts. Can't Lose.
What We Learned: We stan a man who uses his post about The Bachelorette season beginning to remind people to vote! In addition to running a media group, a hospitality consulting group and a supper club, Page is a father to a six-year-old son and loves a reflective Instagram caption. He also posts some bomb-looking food he makes as a professional chef.


Instagram Followers: 941
Insta Bio:Be Yourself. Attorney|Agent. Detroit|New York City
What We Learned: He has a great smile and the man isn't afraid to rock a turtleneck in September. Riley started his own sports management agency, Reberth, with a focus on baseball players after he played at Syracuse University.


Instagram Followers: 3,709
Insta Bio: n/a
What We Learned: He is good friends with Nick Viall, who recommended him to producers, and his last Instagram post is a black and white photo with Justin Timberlake. We're not sure why those two facts together seem telling but they just do. The two posts before the artsy JT pic? One of Robby on a private jet and the other holding a gun. 

Tyler C.

Instagram Followers: 4,954
Insta Bio: Attorney - Morgantown, WV. Former Professional Boxer
What We Learned: It's no easy task to be a Tyler C. in Bachelor Nation after Tyler Cameron became arguably the most beloved suitor in franchise history. But having a law degree isn't a bad place to start. This Tyler C. seems to enjoy lakes, bro hangs and beer. He, of course, also has a dog. As for his boxing career, he apparently had six knockouts in his six matches before leaving the sport in 2017.

Tyler S.

Instagram Followers: 20,000
Insta Bio:season 16: @bacheloretteabc. uncle: London, Linc & Riv. manager: @grangersmith | @earldibblesjr. owner: @yeeyeeapparel | @redtractorholdings
What We Learned: OK, this guy does a lot. He manages his country singer brother. He runs a real estate company. He has a farm. He owns Yee Yee, "patriotic outdoor apparel" company, with the website proclaiming, "We're all about the things you care about - a deer stand on a November morning, a firm handshake, a cold beer with old friends, the smell of a cedar tree, a wet dog, and a spent cartridge. In a politically correct world, we're not afraid to stand up for what we believe in." K!


Instagram Followers: 5,594
Insta Bio: I'm not done yet...
What We Learned: "He doesn't shy away from controversy this season," Chris Harrison said in the suitor preview, so while his time on the show will likely be dramatic, his 'gram game is kind of precious? It's basically just photo after photo with his daughter Zara are adorable, including cupcake-baking and going on adventures together. Here's hoping he puts her to bed before the show kicks off.

Zac C.

Instagram Followers: 1,207
What We Learned: He hasn't posted on Instagram since April and doesn't seem too social media savvy, which is refreshing. When he does go on social media, it's to talk about the recovery program he started after getting sober himself or a photo taken after finishing a marathon. Seriously, he's completed the New York City Marathon six times. 

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The Bachelorette premieres Tuesday, Oct. 13 at 8 p.m. on ABC.

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