Terry Bradshaw's Audition for an Erectile Dysfunction Ad Will Make You LOL

By Alyssa Ray Oct 14, 2020 1:00 PMTags
Watch: Terry Bradshaw, Spokesman for Male Enhancement Pill?!

We dare you to keep a straight face during this The Bradshaw Bunch scene.

In this sneak peek from Thursday, Oct. 15's all-new episode, Terry Bradshaw considers becoming a spokesperson for an erectile dysfunction treatment. While Terry is open to the idea, it seems his wife Tammy isn't about this potential gig.

Tammy notes at the start of the clip, "You can't go on TV and talk about wieners."

As Terry defends that the pill is for "male enhancement," Tammy retorts, "That is not what this medication even does."

Taking in Tammy's words, the sportscaster simply responds, "Oh, that's right."

And, when the Bradshaw patriarch reads the script to his daughters, they are hilariously mortified. Of course, it doesn't help that Terry can't keep a straight face while practicing for his audition.

"So, if you suffer in the downstairs," the former quarterback says before breaking out into laughter.

Lacey Luttrull, who is filming the audition, tries to regain calm in the room by declaring, "Ok, ok, ok, ok! Take it from the top."

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Terry reads on, "So, if you suffer from erectile—"

Yet, he is quickly interrupted by his daughters and wife after he makes a gesture towards his private parts. After Lacey shouts "no," Erin Bradshaw jumps up in embarrassment.

Rachel Bradshaw even shouts, "Ew!"


Watch the hilarious scene play out in the clip above.

For more hilarity, be sure to catch Thursday's all-new The Bradshaw Bunch.

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