Snapped Will Mark Its 500th Episode With an Epic Two-Week True Crime Experience

Oxygen's true-crime series Snapped is hitting the 500-episode milestone! Find out how the show, which profiles the cases of women accused of murder, is marking the occasion below.

By Allison Crist Oct 13, 2020 5:00 PMTags
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A rare milestone.

The hit true-crime series Snapped—which profiles women accused of murders typically committed out of rage, jealousy or as the title aptly implies, them simply snapping—is nearing its 500th episode, and Oxygen is celebrating the momentous occasion in a big way.

Beginning Nov. 9, the network will launch an epic two-week experience: "Snapped: The Killer Women Event" and air female killer-themed programming leading up to the special on Nov. 22. 

And when we say "leading up" to the 500th episode, we mean it! Preceding the landmark installment, Oxygen will air the original pilot of Snapped, a never-before-seen episode involving a dead doctor, twin sisters and millions of dollars at stake.

Episode 500, meanwhile, will delve into a homicide that left a small town in Kansas forever shaken: the homicide of Randy Sheridan, who was shot five times while he was jogging less than a mile from his home nearly 30 years ago.

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Throughout the episode, new details will come to light about Sheridan's relationship with his ex, Dana Flynn, who was in a love affair with the local pastor and fighting Sheridan in an ugly custody battle over their 7-year-old daughter.

Flynn's own brother, Mikel Dreiling, will take part in the episode, speaking on camera exclusively to Snapped and sharing disturbing revelations about his involvement in the case, and whether he believes his sister's affair had deadly consequences. 

If that doesn't sound chilling enough, we've got an exclusive sneak peek of the special and the two-week Snapped experience. 

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In the above clip, we get glimpses of reenacted crimes and hear truly alarming soundbites from law-enforcement officials, lawyers, journalists, friends and family members, such as, "She suddenly decided that she was going be a calculating, cold murderess," and "Three fires in three years is just more than a coincidence."

One woman also summed up why a person might snap: "There's this fine line between love and hate, and that often leads to murder."

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Don't miss "Snapped: The Killer Women Event," beginning Nov. 9, or the 500th episode of Snapped on Nov. 22 at 6 p.m., only on Oxygen! 

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