Can Dr. Cat Deliver the Mommy Makeover This Dr. 90210 Patient Wants?

Watch a sneak peek of tonight's all-new Dr. 90210 to meet new patient Ashley, who's turned to Dr. Cat Begovic for help with her butt and stomach.

By Allison Crist Oct 12, 2020 1:00 PMTags
Watch: Mom Wants a Brazilian Butt Lift--But Needs Tummy Tuck Too?!

A mommy makeover.

As new patient Ashley puts it in this sneak peek clip of tonight's all-new Dr. 90210, "I'm done with the baby making process." Now, she's ready for a new and improved body—and hopefully Dr. Cat Begovic will be the one to give it to her. 

In the above preview, the two meet for a consultation, and Ashley explains that after doing some research, she's considering getting a "BBL."

According to Dr. Cat, "BBL" stands for "Brazilian Butt Lift" and "involves taking fat from one part of the body and putting it into the butt to make it full and round."

Ashley expresses that she's specifically interested in adding "a little projection" to her butt, "so it would kind of just sit up and just look natural."

Lucky for her, Dr. Cat seems confident she could deliver the results Ashley wants. 

"I would probably start filling from the side, and just use whatever fat we can get from the sides and the lower part of your lower back," she tells her patient. "And then just fill it with as much as I can for the projection."

Dr. 90210 Patients Before and After

Ashley seems on board with everything Dr. Cat mentioned, but it turns out she's unhappy with another part of her body: "Basically my whole belly."

She specifically points out that she has "a lot of fat," prompting Dr. Cat to have her stand and stretch her skin up. 

Meet the New Face of 90210's Plastic Surgery: Dr. Cat

"See what I'm pinching here?" Dr. Cat asks Ashley. "That tiny little bit that's only like 2 centimeters or so, that's your fat pinch."

The rest, according to Dr. Cat, is skin—and the only way to tighten that skin would be with a tummy tuck.

The two don't arrive at a decision, so it's unclear what, if anything, Ashley will end up having done.

However, Dr. Cat makes it clear in a confessional that she understands what Ashley's going through. 

"As a mom, I can totally relate to some of the body issues that Ashley's having," she says. "After my pregnancy, I remember finding fat pockets in places I didn't even know I had fat before."

Will Dr. Cat be able to give Ashley everything she wants? Find out on tonight's all-new episode of Dr. 90210.