Celebrity Chef Candice Kumai on the Date Night Recipes She Gave Selena Gomez

By Alyssa Ray Oct 09, 2020 8:25 PMTags

Candice Kumai only had positive things to say about Selena Gomez.

On Friday, Oct. 9's episode of Daily Pop, the celebrity chef opened up about her experience cooking with the pop star on HBO Max's Selena + Chef. The cooking series, which has been filmed in Selena's home during quarantine, features the "Ice Cream" singer as she tackles new cuisines alongside different professional chefs.

In episode three of Selena + Chef, Candice taught Selena how to make spicy miso ramen and her matcha chocolate chip cookies. So, how was Selena in the kitchen?

"Oh my gosh, to be totally honesty, she was so good at taking direction," the chef and author told E!'s Carissa Culiner. "We talked about boys, we talked about crying with onions and boys, we talked about her past."

Per Candice, they even touched on life in quarantine.

"We talked about what it's like to be in quarantine for girlfriends right now in L.A.," she added. "I love how she just can relate to anyone."

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Speaking of boys, Candice revealed the secret she told Selena about how to get a date to call you the next day.

Chef Candice quipped, "I told her if she made any of my noodles or my matcha cookies that the boy would definitely call for the second date."

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If you're itching for these recipes, you can find them in Candice's book, titled Kintsugi Wellness. According to Candice, the Japanese elements in her recipes have many health benefits.

"A lot of my ancestors have lived beyond 90 to 100 and it's because of the sea vegetables, the miso, the fermented foods, the green tea, the matcha," Candiace, who is Japanese-American, explained. "There are things that we eat in Japanese diet that really help to reward you with life longevity, health and you can just glow."

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For Candice's spicy Hawaiian saimin noodles recipe, watch the full Daily Pop clip above.

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