Why Jonathan Bennett Says the Mean Girls Reunion Was a Little "Awkward"

By Allison Crist Oct 08, 2020 8:44 PMTags

A super-fetch time.

In case you somehow missed that this past Saturday was Mean Girls Day—a real thing, all thanks to a throwaway line about October 3rd that's since become one of the film's most iconic references—cast members like Tina Fey, Lindsay Lohan, Rachel McAdams and more all got together to honor the movie's 16-year anniversary. 

Jonathan Bennett, who played the dreamy Aaron Samuels, was among those at the virtual reunion, and he stopped by Thursday, Oct. 8's Daily Pop to reveal what it was like getting the gang back together again. 

"It was a moment!" Jonathan told E!'s Justin Sylvester and Daily Pop guest host Rocsi Diaz. "Because here's the thing...we haven't all been together in 16 years, and to all be together for the first time, and do it on Zoom—already it's awkward to see each other for the first time; you want to say so many things—but then when you're on a Zoom call, it's even more awkward because you're waiting for the person to talk and you don't want to interrupt."

Especially when Tina's talking, Jonathan noted: "You're just like, 'Whatever you wanna say!'"

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Jonathan continued to dish about the reunion, expressing that it was just "super fun to see everyone."

"It really did give us, like, a sense of nostalgia seeing everybody and being next to each other, like, on screen," he said. "It brought back so many, like, high school memories; You know, when you run into an old classmate from high school? It was really fun."

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Jonathan's continued his career as an actor over the years, and his next film, Hallmark Channel's The Christmas House, is a big deal.

"There's so many reasons why this movie is fantastic but you know, especially the storyline that I got to play, which is the first same-sex storyline on the channel," he explained. "I'm so honored to be a part of it."

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He's been keeping busy with another holiday-related project, too: Halloween Wars

Jonathan hosts the Food Network series—which pits five teams of cake decorators, candy makers, and pumpkin carvers against each other—and he told Justin and Rocsi that he's constantly amazed by the extravagant, spooktacular creations.

"Our contestants on there are literally the best of the best at what they do," Jonathan said. "And every year the bar is raised, so when they come back every season, they know the competition's gonna be bigger and better than it was the year before."

And this year is no exception! The show's season finale is this Sunday, and Jonathan described it as "the biggest and best finale we've had in the entire series." 

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Even if you haven't kept up with the current season of Halloween Wars, the show still makes a great watch all throughout October.

As Jonathan pointed out, "A lot of people aren't gonna be able to trick or treat this year, right? Because of everything going on with the pandemic."

He continued, "So a great way to enjoy that is stay in your house and have your own Halloween Wars with your family. Get some pumpkins, watch our episodes and just copy what we do!"

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Jonathan went on to show Justin and Rocsi how it's done. For his best pumpkin carving tips and tricks, watch the complete Daily Pop interview in the above clip!

Halloween Wars' season finale airs Sunday, Oct. 11 on Food Network.