Travis Scott Opens Up About Raising Stormi Webster to Be a "Strong" Feminist

Travis Scott shared his vision for his and Kylie Jenner's daughter, Stormi Webster, and implores his generation to vote in the upcoming election.

By Cydney Contreras Oct 08, 2020 1:56 AMTags
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Travis Scott is raising Stormi Webster to know she can do "anything a man can do."

On .WAV RADIO with Chase B the Astroworld artist shares that he and Kylie Jenner are bringing up their 2-year-old to be a "strong" young woman. "I feel like it's way more important now to protect young Black daughters, women, and make sure they have the knowledge of how to carry themselves, how to move in this world, how to be strong, how to not even be scared to take that risk on any idea, jump out on any activity," he explains. "Now more than ever, they have the vision."

Travis adds that he wants her to have a "pure vision" of what she's capable of. "It's just all about that," he states.

And while he's doing his part to help the next generation, the artist wants his fans to do their part by voting in the 2020 election. He explains, "That's why we gotta get out and vote, as the youth, and as us being the future to what this world has a hold, we got that power to change all this s--t."

Stormi Webster's Cutest Photos

The artist has previously shared that he wants to raise Stormi to be "aware of what's going on in the world," explaining, "As a parent, I'm always instilling knowledge, even at this age."


But more than that, Travis said he's grateful he's been able to spend the recent months with Stormi. He shared, "It's amazing just to watch my daughter grow."

During the coronavirus pandemic, the "Sicko Mode" rapper has been hanging out with Stormi and Kylie. Recently, the family of three came together to mark Stormi's first day of home school, with Kylie sharing a photo of the 2-year-old decked out in a posh outfit. 

To see the little one's adorable ensemble, click here!

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