Watch Jimmy Kimmel Troll Armie Hammer’s “Baked Potato” Space Suit

Armie Hammer wasn’t risking anything as he showed up to Jimmy Kimmel Live in his own protective suit. Keep scrolling to watch the hilarious interview!

By Mona Thomas Oct 07, 2020 12:16 PMTags
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You can never be too careful.

Armie Hammer was the first in-studio guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live and he wasn't taking any chances. During the appearance, which aired on Oct. 6, The Social Network actor arrived in a very shiny, NASA-adjacent, silvery jumpsuit. He walked out with his matching helmet on and as he sat down across from Jimmy Kimmel he asked, "How far are we right now?" To which Jimmy confirmed the two were about eight feet apart. 

"The thing is," Armie said, as he removed the top portion of his head, "I know where I've been, I don't know where you've been. This is a global pandemic. This feels a little irresponsible." 

The host agreed and laughed, "You're right, you can't be too careful." He also noted, "I've been tested on a daily basis so I think you're pretty safe with me." 

Jimmy also pointed out Armie's footwear—a pair of white sandals—and his half pedicure, as only one set of toes had nail polish. 

"Yeah, yeah I got half a pedicure," the star confirmed. "The ADD kicked in half way through and I was like, ‘Alright get your infected hands off me!'"

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Jimmy attempted to move on through the interview, however he couldn't help but call Armie "a baked potato." The actor then specified, "But after you've eaten half of it, kind of wrapped up in foil and stuff it in your car and forget about it for about a month. That baked potato!"

Armie also discussed helping a close friend renovate an abandoned motel in the desert outside of California's Joshua Tree. 

"I'm moderately handy, I'm pretty good, there are some power tools that I should just be trusted with," he said. "I'm not doing electrical work. Look at me. Who wants me to touch wires, no way!"