The Cutest Photos of The Bachelorette Clare Crawley’s First Loves, Her Dogs

A new promo for season 16 of The Bachelorette proves Clare Crawley is a certified dog lover. See the most adorable photos of her two pups, Honey and Elbie, here.

By Jonathan Borge Oct 06, 2020 9:50 PMTags

Season 16 of The Bachelorette will have you sweating and frantically pouring another extra large glass of wine this fall.

At least that's what the producers and longtime host Chris Harrison have us thinking. Just last week, Harrison told E! News that Clare Crawley's season is "explosive," calling her "emotional" and someone "determined to come in here and find the love of her life."

Of course, Bachelor Nation fanatics already know that Clare's expected to make an unprecedented and dramatic exit from the show only to be replaced by Tayshia Adams. In fact, sources confirmed to E! News in August that Clare will pack her bags after she hands out the first impression rose. 

And while we don't know what, exactly, the circumstances of Clare's departure will be, there's one fact we do know for sure: she's undeniably in love with her dogs. In a new promo clip for the season 16 premiere, Clare gets reunited with one of her two dogs, Honey, while she meets her lineup of eligible men. Her other pup is named Elbie. 

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As we learned from her Instagram post, the two pups actually stayed with Clare while she quarantined and filmed her season. "These two babies never left my side through all of the days in isolation when I was alone prior to filming. They give me happiness, peace, and unconditional love," she wrote as her caption, noting that having their support was "the greatest gift ever." 

Of course, it's no secret that she's an animal lover through and through. Back in May 2018, Clare shared a heartfelt tribute to Chela, the "toothless, deaf, and mostly blind" dog her family shared for 14 years following the death of her father. 

"A month after my Dad passed away, my family and I were in the depths of heartbreak, and got this little furball to help ease the grief in some way," she wrote. "One thing I know for sure, she will be greeted with open arms up there by the person who led her into our lives in the first place." 

While Chela's memory definitely remains close to Clare's heart, it's nice to see her receiving so much emotional support from her other cuddly best friends.

In honor of the two loves that Clare knew before any of her Bachelorette drama went down, we revisited her cutest pup-related moments on Instagram. Below, the best of Clare, Honey and Elbie. 

In December 2019, Clare shared a photo of Honey along with a reflective message about the past year. "We all have our ups and downs and things in our lives that can weigh heavy on us. No one is exempt from this," she wrote. "But I hope you all have something in the midst of that -no matter what- large or small, that makes your soul catch fire and radiate out of your chest like sunbeams. So strong that others can't help but feel it! Hold onto that."

Her December 2019 post also included a photo of little Elbie. 

"Merry Christmas, you filthy animals!" Clare wrote in December 2019.


In April 2020, Clare shared a photo of Honey along with a personal update. "As with all of us, I've had my ups and downs and days of despair and loneliness. But for some reason these poppies touched me and made me smile!" she wrote. "Having the time to see these gorgeous flowers soaking up the sunshine really brought me joy. It's the little things. What was your little thing today?"

Clare's favorite way to get rid of the Sunday scaries? Hiking with Honey.

In July 2019, Clare shared a cute shot of herself with Honey and Elbie. 

Because you know you're wondering, Clare also shared what Elbie's favorite treats are.

Elbie is the perfect selfie buddy

"Got all dressed up in his glittery bow tie- little did he know we were going to Home Depot!" Clare wrote in May 2017.

In January 2019, Clare expressed how much joy she gets from spending time with and looking at photos of Elbie. "It's my little nugget hanging with me in the sunshine today while we plant all the veggies!" she wrote.

Clare cleverly used the hashtag "#puppytanlines" to share a summer update

Elbie happens to be the best lakeside companion. 

"Do you even know how much I love this old boy!? He looks night and day different from when I first rescued him, but not just in his outward appearance," Clare wrote in December 2018. "He seriously smiles from his soul these days, and it makes me the happiest/luckiest human ever to have him in my life!!! Ps- Just realized I haven't posted a pic in awhile."

"Dang I just love his smell," she wrote in March 2018.

Looks like Honey's favorite activity is doing absolutely nothing. 

Dogs can't technically vote, but in 2016 she shared a photo of Elbie to send a powerful message.

"Waking up the day after Thanksgiving taking a mental tally of how many pieces of pie you actually consumed," Clare joked in the caption to this 2016 Thanksgiving 'gram of Elbie.

This is snuggling at its finest

Elbie looking ready for a close-up! 

Honey is actually the cutest. 

Season 16 of The Bachelorette premieres Tuesday, Oct. 13 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.