Terry Bradshaw Roasts Daughter Rachel's "Weasel" Ex-Boyfriend After Shocking News

By Allison Crist Oct 08, 2020 1:00 PMTags
Watch: Rachel's Ex-BF Impregnates a Woman & Terry Bradshaw Is Mad!

An ex-boyfriend bombshell. 

Terry Bradshaw was never a big fan of his daughter Rachel's ex Dustin, and he may or may not have cracked a joke or two at his expense while the pair was still together—but once he hears a piece of shocking news about Dustin on tonight's all-new episode of The Bradshaw Bunch, Terry really lets loose!

As fans of the E! show surely recall, Dustin recently broke up with Rachel, even though the two were discussing things like moving in together and getting engaged. 

Take it from Rachel herself, who's venting to her sisters Erin and Lacey in the above sneak peek clip: "The week before we went to D.C., we were looking at houses in Lantana. During Valentine's, he's like, 'Okay I want to see what kind of rings you like.'"

"Like, joke's on me," she adds before further reflecting on the break-up in a confessional. "I'm horrified. If I thought, for me, I would be married, have a couple kids at this point." 

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Then comes the bombshell.

"Look at Dustin," Rachel says. "Definitely cheated on me."

Wait, what?!

At this point, Terry joins the girls, and Erin reveals she's "got something to show" him before whipping out a photo on her phone.

"Who is that?" the NFL legend asks, quickly learning it's actually Dustin...and another girl.

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However, Terry's still confused.

"That girl...is pregnant?" Terry says before finally putting two and two together. "Stop it! What a d--k."

"Way to go Dustin, you piece of s--t," he adds.

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"I can't believe that little weasel went off and got some chick pregnant," Terry expresses in a confessional. "And you do know that the next guy my daughter dates is gonna get a full background [check]...and a cavity check. Know what I'm talking about?" 

Rachel tries to play the situation off, saying she doesn't "give a crap." 

"Yes you do give a crap, that's why we're pissed. I give a crap too," her dad responds. "There's a reason why I'm mad. There's a reason I didn't let this clown inside my circle!" 

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Then, Rachel says what nearly all of us can agree with: "Hey 2020, you can suck my c--k."

Watch the complete sneak peek of The Bradshaw Bunch in the above video!