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In L.A., weekends are for exercising, gossiping and seeing old friends. Often all at the same time—just as they were this past Saturday with a network television studio head and his good friend, also a major player.

Studio Head's huffing and puffing working out next to Big Attorney and some other obnoxiously overpaid types. They're really going at it. In between extreme physical exertions, you will not believe what outta control Cher and Chastity Bono goss was dropped.

And it was not said in jest, trust:

Studio Head: We had a reality pitch from Cher and Chastity Bono.

Attorney: Really?

S.H.: Yeah, and it was all about Chastity getting a sex-change operation, which they wanted to air!

A: No way! Were you interested?

S.H.: No. How do you make 100 episodes outta one operation?

Jeez, is this some kind of warped deadpan joke from a straight guy with a sick sense of humor?

I contacted Cher's rep who said the rumor is that Cher and Chas have been pitching a show together. But that is not the case. Currently. No show's being shopped around right now, despite flurries of talk saying just opposite.

Regardless, the repper stated the subject certainly wouldn't be Chas getting a sex change. "You're joking, right?" she sassed back.

I said hell if I know what's real with these folks. But this much is out there: Chas and Cher had been, according to sources, pitching a show about helping other families come to terms with a kid coming out. Apparently that idea never got picked up. So is someone else now on Chas and Cher's behalf pitching ideas—however loosely—to studio reps without the women's knowledge?

Regardless, I think a much better show idea for Chas and Cher would be to stick it to all these wholly heterosexual family shows. Throw in some damn same-sex goings-on into this glitzy diva-clan reality crowd, already!

Or, readers, what kinda show would you like to see Chas and her less-than-ordinary mom take on?

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