This Unforgettable SATC Character Inspired Lucas Bravo in Emily in Paris

French actor Lucas Bravo plays Gabriel in Netflix's Emily in Paris. Speaking to E! News, he explains how a polarizing Sex and the City love interest inspired him.

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Watch: "Emily in Paris" Star Lucas Bravo Inspired By This "SATC" Character

It's impossible not to compare Netflix's Emily in Paris to Sex and the City.

Both created by Darren Star, the lead of each series is a fashion-obsessed career woman with big dreams and an even bigger wardrobe. Legendary costume designer Patricia Field is responsible for dressing the main characters in lavish designer clothing. And the cities they're each filmed in, Paris and New York, bustle with possibility. But there's one other attribute that Emily and Sarah Jessica Parker's Carrie Bradshaw share: They both crush on annoyingly attractive and complicated men.

Which is why it's time to discuss Lucas Bravo, a man who hope to see plenty more of in season two.

In Emily in Paris, which stars Lily Collins as the titular character, the 32-year-old French actor plays Gabriel, Emily's neighbor and the man at the center of a pretty uncomfortable love triangle. He's charming, a great chef and absolutely reminds viewers of a certain free-spirited Sex and the City character.

Which one? Allow Bravo to explain.

Inside the Closet of Emily in Paris

While he hesitates to draw comparisons between both Star productions, Bravo couldn't help but return to said character in preparation for the role. "I was also a fan of the show and growing up I really loved Aidan," Bravo tells E!. "His portrayal, this kind of caveman making furniture with his stuff. Since Gabriel is also crafty and is kind of down to earth, to a certain extent, I got inspired by Aidan."

Emily in Paris fans will absolutely understand why. 

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A few episodes into the season, Bravo participates in a steamy sex scene he says he prepared for by not making it a big deal. 

"The more you think about it, the more you try to intellectualize that kind of scene, the harder it gets," he says. "So once it's written, once everybody is aware of it and you're in that room naked with that other person and all the technical team around, you can't think twice. The more you're into character, the more you're just, like, organically the person you're supposed to be, and it's a melody."

That honestly sounds like something Aidan would say.

Emily in Paris is now streaming on Netflix.

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