Woody Harrelson, Gloria Steinem

John Sciulli/Getty Images; AP Photo/Jennifer Graylock

Chic masticators at New York's posh veggie hand Candle 79 were recently served a little frozen treat: Woody Harrelson totally icing out his famous nemesis, Gloria Steinem.

As you may or may not recall, Harrelson, who was phenomenally perfect portraying Hustler chief and pornographer Larry Flynt (a man who himself once skewered Steinem mightily) in 1996's The People vs. Larry Flynt, was very well damned by Steinem when the movie came out.

She compared the Flynt way of life to Nazism, so damning and hurtful to women she found it—and who can blame her for that opinion, with Flynt's gleeful encouragement of women being gang-raped in his pages?

But Steinem spat on and campaigned against director Milos Forman, Harrelson and others with a vengeance. Some say it harmed the movie's grosses; it certainly helped with critics and at the Oscars, if you ask me.

So what happened when Woody (who plays Jen Aniston's skinhead BF in Management) and Gloria finally met again?

According to some witnesses at Candle, Steinem, the Che Guevara of women's rights rebels, was dining at another table near Harrelson, who, I'm told, marched over to Steinem and chastised her. However, others who where there as well tell me nothing of the kind ever happened, that Woody was dining with Paul McCartney and some other people when Steinem came over to their table to say hello.

"He wouldn't shake Gloria's hand," says a bud close to Woody. "Nothing else happened."

Gotta say what I love about this he-said, she-said snit tale is that it's still going on. After more than a decade! True, Harrelson was so smarting from the Flynt fallout, he fought back with aplomb, but guess all's not forgiven? Certainly not with Steinem. That we know for sure.

I like folks with long memories. Always have. Too many people forget in this town. And clearly, Gloria vs. Woody is far from over.

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